At A Glance: Dutch Blue Hydrangeas

I did some cut flower arrangements for a client last week; she likes blue.  I thought blue hydrangeas might be just the thing- but  I was not prepared for these.  This is a Dutch blue florist’s hydrangea-wow.  I cannot imagine a hydrangea this color in the garden.  It seems like this shocking blue would be very difficult to make work with other plants.  But if an ultra-blue flowered hardy hydrangea should ever become available in my zone, I would most definitely give it a try.



  1. Hi Deborah!

    I’ve been away from the internet for a while with only intermittent access (a blessing and a curse) and have missed your beautiful posts. They certainly remain inspiring and, most of the time, awe inspiring!

    We have a few of the Dutch blue hydrangeas and they are beautiful in the landscape. Best part is, they antique beautifully, too.

    Hope Rob’s French trip was successful!

  2. You have the best most interesting clients. I love that you share.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Jane, The relationship between my clients and I-I treasure this. I am happy to share any experience of mine. More gardeners makes for a better world. Deborah

  3. Deborah,
    We are basically a zone 6; we are 2 blocks from Lake Erie, so we have warmer winters and cooler summers even from those a half mile inland, who are zone 5. And our yard has those warm pockets. The trick is to find them!

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