Cool and Collected Contemporary


I have officially been inducted into hell week of 2009; I have multiple crews working out, with plans, drawings and instructions required in advance. I rely so much on my digital pictures from the previous year, my digital images of spaces soon to have landscapes.  But mostly everything falls to me.  My judgment.  In plain speak, frantic.  I have piles of paper with drawings, diagrams, and plant lists. My desk is littered 6 layers deep with what I need to handle today. My inbox gets 60 emails a day.  Buck just asked me-how many more minutes do you need before we can have dinner-35, I tell him. This puts dinner at 8:20-lights out at 10, as I need to be up at 5am. Rigorous, yes. This time of year, I have plant dreams-hilarious.  This is the time during my year I so much appreciate those cooly contemporary landscapes; I have made lots of them.  contemp2

There is no sign of distress here.   OK, plenty of angst, but there is no squirming, or doubt in evidence.  Cool white walls.  Columnar trees that have it all together.  Black/green  and white, and any variation on white  is the scheme.  A scheme with no gray.  These columnar beech, in the ground some 8 years, are so quietly beautiful.  Their age is apparent.   They have had expert and thoughful care.  They lower my heart rate, instantly.  Grass, gravel, beech, stone-add one simple and contemporary pot-this  composition pleases my client.  contemp3
She is a very private person at home-having a very public life.  I understand what she was after from her landscape.  I designed this for her.  I take great pleasure in how this reflects her point of view.  Sometimes I visit this, when I know I need to restore some balance.  The point of this post; all of us exchange stories about who we are.  This exchange creates electricity in a way Thomas Edison never envisioned.


  1. Plant Dreams!
    I read your posts and feel your pain, except here in the deep south Ive completed what you are now going through up north.
    This time of year is filled with similarities to parenthood when you are designing the seasonal plantings with visions of their maturity already in your eyes. When planted, they are full of such promise that they will grow up and achieve a vision that is solely in your head at the time – some greatly surpass this expectation while others fall short! From the photos you have been posting, Im betting that your success ratio is high; and if the client is satisfied with it then you can wait till next year to try it again.

  2. I love 2 tour garden so I also visited got some new ideas for my own garden

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