Christmas Day



  1. Silvia Weber says

    Love, peace and Merry Christmas!

  2. Deborah Silver says

    Merry Christmas to you too, Silvia! Deborah

  3. Is that a cow loose in your garden, Deborah?!

  4. Looks like Howard and Milo were enjoying the day! Nothing to shovel south of Chicago yet’ll come. I can wait.

  5. Deborah Silver says

    Rob bought me a moss stuffed life size steel cow sculpture for my birthday years ago!

  6. Deborah Silver says

    I like snow for Christmas-it looks like we are going to get walloped overnight. After last year’s no-snow, I don’t think I’ll mind it. Howard and Milo did enjoy their day-especially Milo, with that Christmas jolly ball.

  7. Merry Christmas- hope you are enjoying some downtime…you deserve it! The store looks beautiful covered in snow.

  8. Deborah Silver says

    The snow is so beautiful-love it!! Happy Holidays, Nick.

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