Paradis Express

Last winter, upon deciding that I was interested in writing a blog about garden design, I made a point of reading as many as I could find.   Some garden blogs I read regularly;  Paradis Express is one of them. Though I have to read the French in translation, the images of landscape,  gardens, sculpture, art, that she selects speak strongly-no translation necessary.  I was also pleased to find that she had posted about my manufacture of ornament for the garden quite some time ago.  I emailed her, telling her I was quite pleased to have had some work of mine acknowledged by her. We corresponded back and forth some; what fun that was.   If you have a mind for some exposure to a very individual point of view on gardens and landscape, check her out;   Paradis Express   Her images are interesting, evocative-and provocative.  Sometimes she startles me; this I like.   I had no idea when I first started writing how much satisfaction there would be to make contact with other people keen about gardens from other places, other countries, and other cultures.  This I have always done via my library-a much more sleepy exchange.  She was kind enough to post about me again last week;  Read Article…  Thanks, Delphine.