At A Glance: Spring Pink


  1. Seriously? You beat me with 3 hours. My blog post today is called “Tickled Pink.” so funny. Love your photos. Isn’t it amazing right now how shrubs and trees seem to explode? You’re way ahead though, don’t have my phlox blooming. Or perhaps yours is in the greenhouse?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Annelie, this is annual phlox-Phlox drummondii-not perennial phlox. Once the night temperatures are above 35 degrees, they are good to be planted outdoors. Deborah

  2. Maria DeNardo says

    Deborah, I live in New York and I love the look of giant agave in large concrete pots, have you ever used them ???? if so, have you had much luck ???

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Maria, I have written 2 posts on agaves in pots- type in the search line Taking the Agave Home, and At A Glance:Agave. They do really well in pots. I do trim the thorns off, so no one gets stabbed by them. Deborah

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