At A Glance: Wrapping Paper

vintage Hallmark holiday wrapping paper

 holiday wrapping paper

copy paper, paper wrapped wire, paper coaster, and branch rounds

manila envelope, red jute twine, recycled holiday bits

handmade pastel paper, paper roses

grocery bag, jute twine, wired florist’s picks, red beaded wire bit

copy paper, scraps of watercolor paper and chartreuse copy paper, dry cedar foliage

grocery bag, florist’s tape, berried bit

landscape plan


  1. So cool!

    I’ll be trying some of these fun ideas…

    My Christmas wish? To visit Detroit Garden Works!

  2. These packages are beautiful. Martha Stewart could learn a lot from these examples.

  3. These are so merry and so artful! And the pleasure of giving extends in the making. What an extra joy for the recipient.

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