At A Glance: Wisconsin Moss

s moss 009

s moss 004

s moss 005

s moss 013

s moss 016

s moss 002

s moss 003

s moss 011

s moss 005

s moss 014
All of these photographs of Wisconsin native moss species are courtesy of Lauren Hanson.  Thanks, Lauren.


  1. dave bockman says

    Just lovely, I am an aficionado of cryptogams and love seeing them/utilizing them in designs. There is a charming older book on mosses I will endorse, ‘Mosses With a Handlens’, by A. J. Grout. The full title makes me laugh, ‘Mosses With a Handlens: A Non-technical Handbook Of The More Common And More Easily Recognized Mosses Of The Northeastern United States’ (1905)

  2. Jeff Johnson says

    This is a question rather than a comment:

    I live near Milwaukee, WI. I’m designing a patio for my back yard and would like to use pavers that incorporate spaces for native mosses (or grass) to grow. The area of interest receives early afternoon sun and is shady in the morning and late afternoon. Do you have any recommendations for specific moss types that would do well?

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