At A Glance: White Cosmos



  1. So wonderful! Elegant! Love the restraint in color palette and repetition. I especially like the planter boxes at the top of the roof – is that dichondra or licorice trailing? What are those graceful tall ferny items? I just love this design!

  2. Beautiful absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How lovely is that roof!

  4. Richard K says

    Is the tall, ferny plant dog fennel (eupatorium capillifolium)? Absolutely fantastic use of color texture and form! Incredible blog!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Richard, you are right-it is eupatorium capillifolium. It can grow to 7 feet tall. Proven Winners grew it for a while-and called it “elegant feather”-they no longer carry it. But my grower managed to find some for me. It makes a great windbreak on the roof. Thanks, Deborah

  5. Richard K says

    Eupatorium capillifolium is a plant that grows wild here where I live in Cypress, TX. In fact, I have an entire field of it growing next to my house. I am especially fond of this plant in the fall with its sunset colored seed heads blooming next to tall native goldenrod with wild ageratum (Eupatorium coelestinum) blooming at their feet. You are only the second gardener I have come across to use this plant … the first was Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter in his exotic garden! I am always pleasantly surprised when I find such a common plant used with such skill in a garden setting … it encourages me to consider using the plant in my garden rather than pulling it out with the weeds!

    Your blog has quickly become a daily read for me … your topics, photos and design philosophy all seem to speak to me. Please keep posting and inspiring me!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Richard, Many thanks for your letter. The most common plant used in a beautiful way interests me. I am very interested in the intersection of nature, and people. I so admire the work of the Spanish landscape architect, Fernando Caruncho-as I think his best design work references the intersection of agriculture and landscape. I never planted peonies in my garden-I lined them out in long rows, like crops. This placement enchanted me more than their flowers. Your letter encourages me to keep writing-thanks again. Deborah

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