At A Glance: What’s Growing On

pot-of-crocus.jpgpot of crocus

hyacinths-and-muscari.jpghyacinths and muscari



helleborus-orientalis.jpggreen hellebore

potted-bulbs.jpgpotted hyacinths

yellow-hellebore.jpgyellow hellebore

purple-crocus.jpgcrocus opening

spotted hellebore


  1. Thanks for the reminder of spring! Beautiful images.

  2. Spring has sprung, at least at the Works. So much to look forward to.

  3. Love the potted hyacinths!!! 😉

  4. NOW I feel like spring! Beautifully styled, and your plants look so well grown, I just love your blog. So glad I discovered it … now to add to my bookmarks and share so I can find my way back to see more.

  5. hyacinths and muscari

    Makes me long for spring. The fragrance of hyacinth is so enchanting.

  6. so lovely!

  7. Yes, it’s spring and I totally agree with Mark on the smell of hyacinths. Love it!! Deborah your plants are so vibrant and healthy looking! You feed them well and give them lots of TLC. It shows.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Trish, we are not watering much-it is so cold the pots are not drying out. And no food either. The growers whose plants Rob bought did all the hard work. Our idea is to assemble a collection that is worth attention. Thanks, Deborah

  8. Astonishingly beautiful!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog and photos.

  9. Love the branches hugging the Hellebores, what are they? Looks fabulous, as always! Thank you for the beautiful images of spring.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Ellen, they are fresh cut pussy willow. Best, Deborah

      • Thank you! I’m so sorry for the additional pile of snow (beautiful photos though!), the NE has had more than their fair share! I’ve heard snow helps hold nutrients in the soil…if true, you’ll soon have quite a display! With your touch, all will be glorious; I look forward to following the emergence of spring, captured through your lens, and pen.

        • Deborah Silver says

          Dear Ellen, my garden may not be glorious this year, but it will certainly be better than it is now. I am curious about the summer effect of this winter. The Great Lakes are just about frozen over-this is very unusual. Does it mean we will have a cool summer? It doesn’t seem to matter how long you garden, there is always something new up next. Thanks, Deborah

  10. michelle brodeur says

    I still have snow covering all my spring plantings…will the plants wait til conditions are favorable and ground is exposed? Seems like such a silly question, but CT is seriously frozen and its mid-March, groan…

  11. kristina says

    hello and happy spring!!! I adore your posts…I too love to garden outdoors, although you and Rob think outside the box when designing and choosing planting material. I don’t know why I did not think of this sooner, but one of your posts gave me the idea – are you able to ship plant materials to Cleveland? I am interested in Hellebores along with some other items – if this would even be an option? thank you and wanted to mention, we too are expected to have an 80 degree day this week…hahaha I have one very long list I would like to get done outside that day – as I know you do too! I look forward to hearing from you thank you!

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