At A Glance: Two Clematis










  1. Lovely! What is that ground cover beneath the metal bench?

  2. Deborah Silver says

    European ginger. This is a great plant for partial/full shade. Glossy leaved-and easy to grow.

  3. A beautiful composition! Did you protect the clematis roots in some way so pachysandra roots would not strangle them?

  4. Rocky Morgan says

    How do you prune these Clematis plants on the bench after blooming to keep them at just the right height and form?

  5. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Rocky, this is the third year for these clematis. I have not pruned them yet. After they bloom, I will try to coax the new growth along the back of the bench. In general, I try to interfere with the perennial plants and vines as little as possible. Arborvitae, yews and boxwood-these plants I prune. The clematis, I am standing back a little-just guiding.

  6. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Connie, The clematis are planted in the European ginger. There is edger strip between the pachysandra, and the European ginger. But I would have never thought that pachysandra roots would strangle the clematis. What is your experience? Thanks, Deborah

  7. What is the name of the white one? Thanks!

  8. We had two thriving clusters of trillium that the pachysandra devoured over time, so we feel the need to be very judicious about what we intermingle with the pachysandra.

  9. Deborah Silver says

    Connie, my clematis is isolated from the pachysandra. To date, the European ginger has not seems to harm the clematis.

  10. Deborah Silver says

    Bonnie, the single white rose is an early 20th century shrub rose-I believe of English breeding. Sally Holmes. So well worth growing. It is vigorous, reblooming, and responds well to pruning. Thanks, Deborah

  11. What are the Clematis you have planted here? They are lovely.

  12. Deborah Silver says

    The dark purple clematis is “The President” The pale lavender clematis-I cannot remember the cultivar. I just meant to plant two clematis whose flowers contrasted. Interested in planting clematis? Order from Brushwood Nursery-they sell great plants. They have a great website-pictures, and descriptions.

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