At A Glance: The Yellow Twig Winter Installation

The previous post was all about the construction of a winter arrangement for a pair of pots and a sizeable planter.  To follow are pictures of that installation. This is a look see post. I do not much see the need to write any more than what I have already written. Except to say that fresh cut yellow twig dogwood is a most beautiful material that I welcome to our winter season.

The following pictures capture the installation of what we constructed in the shop. Keeping that construction mess in the garage is just about the best idea I ever had. Fabricating arrangements outdoors in the freezing cold means the cold has the upper hand. Creating winter arrangements in a warm and wind free space makes for better arrangements. And so much less mess. Sweeping up outdoors in freezing weather outdoors is frustrating.

This front porch is neat and clean. All of the debris inevitable during construction was swept up off our garage floor, and deposited in our dumpster or in our compost pile, before we ever came to install.

We design and construct our winter arrangements such that they will still look this good in March of 2019. The winter is very long and tough in Michigan. We have endless snow, wind, and ice. So to follow is our answer. Equal parts beauty and durability.

Welcome to the winter on its way

The street view of a front door dressed up for winter.

Yellow twig dogwood is a material I treasure for winter. The low winter light sets those yellow stems on fire. To follow? A look at the yellow twig we have used in winter container arrangements in the past.  Enjoy!

yellow twig stuck one stem at a time

yellow twig wreaths

yellow twig centerpieces

winter pots

winter pot

winter pot

winter pot

contemporary winter container arrangement

the pot next to the bench

Few gardeners have the room to plant a stand of yellow twig dogwood. I know I don’t. But I love those cut branches of yellow twig dogwood placed in pots for the winter. They indeed make our long winter worth weathering.


  1. Your winter arrangements are incredible! Such beauty to enjoy all winter long!

  2. Beautiful burst of color, especially paired with the purple eucalyptus.
    So inspiring!

  3. Laura Tonar says

    Very refreshing! I love the look.

  4. I love all these winter pots with the yellow dogwood!
    Wish I had the room for them here at home in Iowa.
    You brighten my winter (spring/summer and fall too) Deborah! Thank you for taking the time to “talk to us” about what going on in your wonderful expressful mind of yours! You are so talented, you should’ve publish a book and we all would want it. I go over and over all your posts. Its a lot of my winter reading and planning for what I want to Change in my garden in the spring.
    Wishing you the best!

  5. Päivi Evars says

    I am so thrilled I came across your site! You have your own fresh style that looks great any season and inspires me to create something different too in another cold environment. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures and tips.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You inspire me. Thank you!

  7. So beautiful – especially admire the variegated boxwood added into the already gorgeous container planting – love!!!

  8. Susan Iseman says

    Inspirational, beautiful, simple! Who knew dogwood branches could be the star of the show? Gives me some great ideas for my chilly CT front porch.

  9. Frieda Hickman says

    Really love your winter planters. Looks like I’m going to have to plant a bunch of yellow twig dogwoods. Love yellow.

  10. Sandy Boylston says

    When making the winter containers, what height should the arrangement be versus the height of the pot?
    Thank you. Love your blog.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Sandy, once you understand classic proportions, then you can bend the rules to suit yourself. I just like proportions that are selected on purpose. Low and wide can be as beautiful as tall and narrow – or any other permutation.I also like unexpected shapes. Nothing should “be”-but for being to your liking. best, Deborah

  11. Wow! Such gorgeous arrangements!

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