At A Glance: The Wreath Details

It does not matter whether you are stitching a quilt, designing a garden, composing a song, painting a picture, or writing a book-the creative process is a very special state of mind.  I don’t know that I could describe it very well, except to say that the moment when all of ones every day cares and obligations drop away, and all that is left is a collection of thoughts, a vocabulary, some tools, and a willing hand is a precious moment indeed.

wreath-detail.jpgWreath making is a personal description of the natural world, on a small scale.  One can easily hang the work on the front door.  It could be complex and rich.  It could be simple and spare.  It could be Williamsburg like in feeling.  It could be funny, or operatic.  It could be anything.  Imagining the possibilities is work well worth the time it takes to imagine.

wreath-detail.jpgThis 18 wreath project is a project I treasure, as it gives me the time and the space to focus, express, interpret, try out,  fiddle and fuss.  It would never occur to me to judge the importance or lack thereof regarding a holiday wreath.  What is important is the making.  Making is very important to my life-just like it is to so many other people.  Making it to work on time, making a sculpture, making a solution, making dinner-people make things.  There is an art to a life, but there is also a craft.

wreath-detail.jpgWe are pretty busy right now.  The holiday pots, the holiday decorating, the lighting, the clients interested in our take on how to dress their front porch winter, or how they should set a holiday dinner party table. We are in the thick of it.  I rather like all the commotion.  But I also like those moments when the work is not really work.  Those moments spent crafting a story.  There is a story about the relationship of one material to another, the scale, the texture, the color-the line and direction.  The story I interpret for a client.  The season, the materials.

wreath-detail.jpgIf you are keen to design and make, you know exactly what this moment feels like.  These 18 wreaths will be shipped out tomorrow.  I hope that each and every person scheduled for a holiday wreath from my client will enjoy them. I know I thoroughly enjoyed making them.










  1. Where did you get all your beautiful birds? They are darling. I put up my pine roping today and after reading a couple of your posts, I added some winturberry holly twigs and cedar sprigs. My rose hips were not looking so great, although they were beautiful earlier. Your post made me take a look around my garden. I really enjoyed it.

    I am originally from Grosse Ile, which is about 20 miles south of Detroit, so I really enjoy all your posts. It is a little like going home.


    Amy McCue

  2. I’m just loving these wreath tutorials!

    Lately, your writings have inspired in me wonderful memories of a long-time hero, the Texas architect Hal Box. He once described his philosophy about decorating one’s home — that is, the colors we choose and the objects we surround ourselves with — things we put on our mantles and bedsides, hang on our walls and position in our cupboards just so — as a reflection of our personal mythologies — what we believe in, what we value. I see those values in the heart and soul of your designs. No matter if those designs decorate your home or are shipped out to clients. They all speak to your aesthetic sense, your love of nature, and the sanctity with which you embrace the natural world and share it with others.

    It occurred to me as I read this blog entry today that I should start at my own front door. So, I pulled out the old wreath that has faithfully hung on the front door for more than a dozen years and asked, What story does it tell?
    So it’s back to my local craft store tomorrow. That wreath — as steadfast and familiar and traditional as it has been all these years — is about to get a serious facelift.

    As always, I thank you so much for your extraordinary inspiration.

  3. How very sweet. One of my favorite gifts ever given? Wreaths for all the ladies in my family designed by Deborah. It truly is better to give than receive.

  4. Lovely work as always Deborah! How far do you ship your wreaths? I know it’s too late this year………I live on west coast. Thanks for all your insightful garden thoughts ideas and photos. Your blog has me excited about gardening again.
    – Mary

  5. Deborah,
    I love the above wreath. Could you show the basics and what you used? Also, how do I order from your company?

  6. Lovely work as always Deborah ! I love the above wreath. It truly is better to give than receive.

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