At A Glance: The Tulip Season


  1. Richard K says

    Not only was I treated to the tulips … I was treated to Detroit Garden Works!!!

    I count my recent visit (may 10) to Detroit Garden Works as one the ultimate side trips of the whole of my business travels.

    Deborah, It was a thrill to meet both you and Rob in person. Although I felt I had already been introduced to both of you through your blog, having a “digital” friend come to life is a real treat!

    I very much enjoyed viewing your collection of fine ornament for the garden at Detroit Garden Works. Michigan is quite lucky to have such a treasure in its midst. Walking around and admiring all of your incredible products made me envious of those who live nearby who can readily enjoy your store.

    Getting to enjoy a “second” Spring was also a treat. Here in Cypress, TX (near Houston) where I live, summer is in full swing … we are enjoying day lilies at the time you have daffodils; we have agapanthus when you have alliums and our crape myrtles are beginning to bloom as your crab apples wane. What a treat … seeing your tulip bed just as it was beginning to peak is an event I will not soon forget!!

    Thanks again for taking time from your busy day to visit with me. Talking about gardening and garden ornament on a business trip … Priceless.


    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Richard, so happy to hear from you, my Texas friend. The pleasure was all mine-meeting you. Cypress Texas-I am so happy to have a friend there. Write again soon. Thanks, Deborah

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