At A Glance: The Shop Floor

In 2005, I painted one of the concrete floors in the shop to look like a lawn panel surrounded by gravel.  A painting of a tapis vert-a lawn panel of a definite shape.  A landscape painting. Howard in the grass

paint drips and swirls

Milo in the grass 


It might be time for a new idea.


  1. Nice work on the grass and gravel floor. After 15 years, the grass still looks fresh and green! Very apt for the kind of business you have.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Kellie, sorry-my mistake! The floor was done in 2005-so it is only five years old. I corrected the post. I am really not one bit sorry for its vintage look-that just means we have had a lot of people walking on it. Deborah

  2. Love the grass floor. I have been doing posts on grass this past week, and would like to leave a link to your site. This is so unique.

  3. Even your floor is verdant!

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