At A Glance: The Malvern Autumn Show

Europe 2014 351The following are Rob’s pictures from the Malvern Autumn Show in England, one part of which was the National Vegetable Society’s Midland Branch Championships. Every flower vegetable and egg – exhibition quality gorgeous.

Europe 2014 359

Europe 2014 377

Europe 2014 378

Europe 2014 367

Europe 2014 371

Europe 2014 345

Europe 2014 344

Europe 2014 372

Europe 2014 361

Europe 2014 375

Europe 2014 364



  1. Nature is so beautiful. Great photos !!

  2. Ruth Wolery says

    Enjoyed viewing the great Malvern Autumn Show. Felt like I was there or should have been there. Maybe some day…

  3. Jennifer in KS says

    Glorious! I do wonder at the patience it must take, and skill, to get those entire roots out with the carrots and parsnips. And I’ve never seen such an amazing Chrysanthemum.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Jennifer, my sentiments, exactly. This is an amazing story, told by Rob’s pictures. Best, Deborah

  4. jeanne durfee says

    Dahlias, to die for

  5. Deborah,
    You transport your readers to the most amazing places.
    Thanks for taking us along. This is my first ‘trip’ ever to vegetable competition!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Terry, England is an amazing place. How they love everything about growing and gardening-astonishing. I loved these pictures too. Best, Deborah

  6. Incredible!!

  7. Cindy Drane says

    Wow! I actual screamed at each one my husband came running I it called for smelling salts I will look at those photos all night they may keep me awake at the thought of them I grew up on a farm and did 4h program but this is so beautiful thanks for sharing

  8. Thank you! Vegetables are so beautiful!

  9. Jane Joyce says

    Be still my beating heart! 🙂

  10. I can taste the tomatoes from here, good pics!

  11. There is something about a still photo that allows a deep breath. I am refreshed. Thank you again.

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