At A Glance: The Boston Ivy


September 2

October 14

October 18

October 14

October 20

October 21

October 21

October 22

October 28


  1. Tom Baldinette says

    Deborah. That is gorgeous! An ever-changing picture on a very big screen. I dare say Hollywood has a tough act to follow. Tom in NC.

  2. Gorgeous . . . but I’m partial to the pre-October 28th shots. After such a stunning display the bareness would make me sad.

  3. Amazing how wonderful the autumn colors can be. I dont find it sad that there is a bare wall. The filigree on the wall to me looks like an exsquisite pattern. And that green color – the whole summer long – must also be a sight for sore eyes, besides a wonderful backdrop.

  4. Wonderful! More reasons why Boston Ivy is one of my top ten plants!

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