At A Glance: Sunday Morning

late blooming tulips

Sunday morning before the shop opens is a favorite time of mine.  For those of you who live too far away to visit, to follow is what we are looking like the end of April.

English urns

vintage English urns on plinths

mid century garden chairs

mid century French garden chairs

Detroit Garden Works

new fountain from Branch

Do you have time to play catch?

spring container plantings

concrete dogs

English concrete garden pots

English concrete containers in the Italian style

Detroit Garden Works

white concrete boxes and boxwood topiary


Errington Reay and Co salt glazed pots


French pots

topiary myrtles

zinc table



Zinc for the garden

late April

garden candles

 blue votives


  1. Wish you were here.

    Would send my clients to you. Would shop with you for the clients too busy to shop for themselves.

    You’ve got the right stuff.

    Looks fresh, new, unique in every landscape. Everytime. Guaranteed.

    Great eye.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  2. DS’ photos make it look so nice…but truth be told, it is even better in person. My partner and I bought two “poodle” pom-pom boxwood topiaries with matching pots yesterday…and have spent the whole of this Sunday sitting next to them outside…as if they were real poodles. We even pet them. So happy !! Thank you DGW…and Deborah and Rob for your help.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Michael, I have the feeling that the purchase of those pots, and those boxwoods, is the start of something big. I feel a landscape coming on. Deborah

  3. I’d always find time to play catch with Milo. Love the mix your shop has — and those mid-century French garden chairs! Beautiful new fountain from Branch too.

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