At A Glance: Spring Purple



Forest Pansy redbud in bloom, from Brooke Run tree farm


grape-hyacinths-and-pansies.jpggrape hyacinths and clear sky pansies

primula-dendiculata.jpgprimula denticulata

purple-hyacinth.jpgpurple hyacinth

queen-of-the-night-tulips.jpgQueen of the Night tulips

anemone blanda purple, from Wikipedia

sweet-alyssum.jpgmixed sweet alyssum

primula-obconica.jpgprimula obconica

pjm rhododendron
palibin lilac

pulsatilla vulgaris, from wikipedia.  So many pictures of purple spring flowers!  I think I am really happy that spring is finally here.


  1. Loved seeing the pjm rhodo…..

    sold many of them working at a nursery in the 80’s. hard to find them now.

    never see them in gardens…………..

    xo t

    • Deborah Silver says

      Tara, the one pictured is in my yard-and was there when I bought the house 18 years ago. But nurseries near me do carry them. They do so much better here than the Catawbiense hybrids. Deborah

  2. Susie Duquet says

    Love the pics- so fresh & bright!!

  3. Nancy H. Kraft says

    You are so amazing. The first thing I reach for in the morning is coffee, then my iPad so I can enjoy your words and visual delights in the garden, food for the soul.

    N. Kraft

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