At A Glance: Snow Down

snow-day.jpgHow are the corgis coping with forty some inches of snow?  Famously.









snow-day.jpghardy souls, aren’t they?


  1. Carol Passavant says

    Just having too much fun!!!

  2. So precious! We don’t get much snow in Texas but when we do, I have to clear a little path in it just to get my Yorkie to go out to the bathroom! Wish he would play in it with me like this!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Shelly, that Yorkie of yours probably only has 2 or 3 inches of clearance-I don’t blame him a bit! Thanks for writing, Deborah

  3. Joyce Voyt says

    How cute! Looks like they love it! Didn’t we play like that when we were MUCH younger? I remember my mittens looking like their fur, all full of snow clumps. Such fun memories.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Joyce, in dog years, they are not that much younger than I-but they take on the snow like they were teenagers. It is hilarious to watch. Deborah

  4. Great photos…their joyful exuberance is contagious… makes me want to go out and play in the snow I don’t have here in east TN.

  5. Your corgis look adorable. I am in Cleveland, same weather as Detroit. Tomorrow morning wind chills will be -24. I have a Wheaten Terrier and she loves it. She rolls and burrows her 12 year old body in the snow. If the snow is the wet, heavy type it attaches to her fur and she ends up with snowballs all over her. They do not come off until they melt off indoors. The joys of pet ownership!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Marianne, your Wheaten is a real trouper! We are looking after a very feisty like Lakeland terrier at work-even though he is 8, and is recovering from an operation, it is just about impossible to get him to come in-the temperature right now is 4. Deborah

  6. HOW WONDERFUL!They are such a delight!YOu are so lucky to have two of them………
    More photos please!

  7. Linda Hagler says

    How funnee!! They must love the snow!!

  8. Priceless photos!

  9. Wonderful photos! Our dogs love the snow too.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Deborah, it amazes me that this weather does not slow them down one bit. I have to take them out every few hours-or they start fussing and barking at me. Deborah

  10. Nancy H. Kraft says

    To quote an old statement, “Love is a warm puppy,”. Those faces and frolice are pure joy.

  11. Patricia Vetor Gatto says

    Love the corgies. Every day must be a good day with them in your life.
    Pat Vetor-Gatto

  12. How old are they? My two Shelties who are almost 11 this year are loving this crazy weather too. Bounding around and digging into the showbanks… playing king of the mountain on large drifts! You would think it would make their old bones ache but they don’t want to come indoors after a walk!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Ginny, they are both 8-not babies by any means. Although Howard (the red brindle) is the more reserved of the two. I am amazed at their energy. Deborah

  13. Your Corgis are so cute! Seeing dogs play in the snow is one of life’s great pleasures, they’re always so happy

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