At A Glance: Recent Work

We are just about halfway with our holiday and winter container work. To follow are some pictures of what work we have done-and an associated before photo that gives a little insight into the studio process. 9 people are involved in every project from the start to the installation. Enjoy some of the highlights of their work.

I am very pleased with what has been done, and intrigued to see what is yet to come.


  1. This year’s creations are spectacular!

  2. Stunning! How do you keep your magnolia looking good? You are inspiring

  3. Debbie Clark says

    Love the tall red trigs. Are the bright red ones spray painted to be brighter or is that the natural color?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Debbie, that is the natural color of the cultivar called “Cardinal”, which is bright red. best, Deborah

  4. I live in Florida so tried one arrangement for indoors using faux greens and grapevine and lights red berries. It looks great but not near the same feeling. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. What a feast for the eyes and the soul. Thank you. Xoxo.

  6. Cathy Cartwright says

    Wondrous,Inspiring,a season delight! So happy to have discovered this site!! Thank-you !!

  7. Erika Hofmann says

    Inspiring as always, thank you so much for sharing

  8. Marie Bourne says


  9. Elvera Howard says

    You and your staff surpass my expectations each and every year ! You are the genius of planter design. These are exceptional and such a delight to see. Thank you for sharing. You all deserve a good rest. Happy and restful holiday to all and to all a good night !

  10. Liz Manugian says

    Awe-inspiring, as always!

  11. LOVE,LOVE your work and your documentation of your process.
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. What are those wonderfully wispy white bits (images 12,13 and beyond) sprouting out of the greenery?

    I’ve followed your amazing designs for a number of years. And I’m gobsmacked (!) at the constant regeneration of creativity and inspiration that comes from you and your amazing crew.

    Just wow. Simply wow!

  13. Fabulous! I love everything you post about these amazing winter containers! Always in awe of the creativity.

  14. Just beautiful creations!

  15. Christine Beck says

    I did notice how beautiful the Community House pots looked. All the way around adding Christmas cheer to a tough year.

  16. Thank you! Everything you touch is just beautiful and intriguing. Thank you for your generosity. You have inspired me to redo most of my landscaping and my winter planters every year. Sending you my best wishes!

  17. Kathleen Gibson says

    Deborah – You and your staff are making the world a more beautiful place with each one of your fantastic containers!! We sure need to see these beauties on the gray days of winter. Thank you!

  18. Those light rings are just amazing.

  19. Wow! I just officially went crazy looking at this posting lol 🙂 Somewhat at a loss for words not wanting to repeat what others have said….but some seriously amazing displays here….you do take it up a notch each time Madame Silver. Congratulations, superbly done!

  20. Nella Davis-ray says

    WOW! Those giant silver/white pinecones are gorgeous! I don’t recall seeing them when I was in the store last week. How do you get them to stand up some nicely? On stakes? Love the way the blue berries read outside in natural light. I didn’t imagine they would look that distinct when I saw them in the store. Great job crew.

  21. Shauna Attwell says

    Gorgeous! I am amazed at the size of your arrangements and the variety of materials to make the pots look so lovely.

  22. Wowzerrrrrr! Thank you for sharing; giving me more inspiration for my ‘mini’ container…

  23. Kim Gordhamer says

    So beautiful! I tried my hand at one of the arrangements and am so pleased at how it turned out. Thanks for the inspiration. I will be visiting your shop on my travels to Detroit.

  24. Mary Carter says


  25. ursula M schmelcher says

    AMAZING! as always.

  26. Holly Tomlinson says

    Your work is so beautiful—like none other. I always open your emails first.
    I was happy to see your company written up in the Washington Post.

  27. Thank you for the eye candy, Deborah!

  28. Fantastic!!!!! You inspire me. I wish you were in New York 🙁

  29. Kathleen Klosterman says

    You containers are amazing. I am coming for a visit next year to get some of the dried picks etc.

  30. Sally Jensen says

    Lovely. As always.

  31. Sandra Clinton says

    All SOOOO beautiful!

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