At A Glance: Pots And Plantings

June 24 2012 012To follow are some pictures of pots and their plantings that, to my eye, work well together.  See what you think. This basket has geraniums, trailing verbena and mini-petunias.

Oct 2 2012 082Silver foliaged plants-the names I do not remember.

May 16 pots 009bird’s nest fern and lime selaginella-club moss.  Hosta and baby tears

Sept 29 001nicotiana mutabilis, purple dahlia, nicotiana alata lime, petunias

Sept 22 2012 005cirrus dusty miller, chocolate potato vine, sedum, silver falls dichondra

Annuals 2006_09_19 (11)cassia and hens and chicks

O'Reilly 005petunia, trailing verbena, gold marjoram

Detroit Garden Works Aug 3 022datura, double white petunias, euphorbia diamond frost, silver dichondra

SummerOvercast 003red spike and pink pentas

silver pileavariegated dracaena and silver pilea

Sept 15, 2013 (57)coleus and solenia begonias

boxwood on standardboxwood topiary, inky fingers coleus, lime licorice

Aug 21 2012 110millet, coleus, yellow petunias

aug 7 024The pots and their plantings-they feel for one another.


  1. I am a reader from Maryland and would love to know the names of the plants in the containers. Beautiful!

  2. What’s in the cement pot, third picture from top? They look like shade plants. All your pots are gorgeous.

  3. Spectacular! You are sooooo talented! Thank you so much for sharing! Amy

  4. Wow! You are an artist. I love the unexpected that happens in a lot of them! Certainly not your cookie cutter containers. Thank you for the post and the inspiration.

  5. Starr Foster says

    Can’t tell which ones I like the best! Each has its own charm. Nicotiana alata is always a favorite. I also like the green, white(datura?) and grey. Perfect.

  6. Using the same plantings you’ve put together in 1st Geranium pic. Love the violet Verbena w/ bright red Geraniums and white make them POP! Great minds……

  7. What plantings are in the 6th pic down??

  8. My favorite is the 711 address house. I love the playful scale! I’m sure it relates beautifully to a modern house.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Stephen, this is an example of deliberately changing the scale (in this case under scaling the size of the boxwood topiary) that works. Thanks, Deborah

  9. Heather Burkhardt says

    Gorgeous! This is why I signed up for the blog. Gotta love those silver falls. The urns at the top of our entryway stairs are currently empty…thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Jen Taylor says

    This looks beautiful and very do-able until you try to do it yourself! These pots represent a lot of saavy and artistic talent and i don’t know what else. They are beautiful! And when i go to the nursery and come home to my pots, they do not turn out so spectacularly. Thanks for the inspiration Deboarah!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Jen, I do this professionally, so I get lots of practice. And I have a shop that carries plants and soil, and a place to make a mess! Don’t be so tough on yourself. But this can be done at home-just keep doing it. Thanks, Deborah

      • Definitely inspirational. Your pots always seem so puffy for lack of a better way of putting it. How do you get everything to stand up to get that volumed, tall look? Looking forward to this weekend when I get started on my pots.

  11. I love your chocolate potato plant.

    Favorite pot overall has to be the cassia & hens and chicks. Love how they multiply. Have a lot of those this year. Hoping to create some sort of local plant exchange here in the Niagara Falls area.

  12. Absolutely beautiful presentations! I get so many ideas from reading your blog. Not afraid to try it myself as I am an adventurer with things like this. They might not look as good as your’s Deborah, but I do love the challenge. Thanks again for being an inspiration!

  13. Wow! All of these are outstanding, but to my eye the most stunning by far is the large container of dusty miller, chocolate potato vine, sedum and dichondra. Unfortunately, in New Orleans where I live, dusty miller fails to thrive, and most of the silvers collapse in our intense summer heat, but luckily dichondra does amazingly well–so perhaps I can borrow and adapt from your example. The urn is also fabulous–do you sell them? I’ve never seen one like it for sale.

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