At A Glance: Petunias

What brings a hot summer day to mind quite like a petunia?  I love the simple shape, the vibrant colors, and its robust habit of growth.  They grow companionably with other annual and tropical plants.  They are not in the least bit demanding or troublesome to grow.  Petunias even smell like summer.  Why are they on my mind today?  We have had a very cool and very rainy start to our summer.  Early mornings the end of June-still jacket weather.  We’ve had many more inches of rain than our average.  The petunias are looking bedraggled and forlorn.  Here’s hoping for some hot and dry weather-for the sake of the petunias.

petunias (6)


petunias (2)








  1. Madeline Foster says

    love those white ruffly ones

    • Deborah Silver says

      These double white petunias are great-as long as you grow them with euphorbia diamond frost, or some other plant that helps to disguise their long legs. I buy my double petunias from Julie’s Floral, and Day’s Greenhouse-at our local Oakland County Farmers market.

  2. Just curious, is that Ravenna grass or hardy Pampas grass in that third pot?


    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Abby, that is lemon grass. I could not believe how big it grew, and how vigorous it was. It is not a hardy grass for me,nor am I a cook that would use it. But my first experiment with it in a container-wow. Like fireworks. Deborah

  3. Exquisite photos.
    I always look forward to your posts as the best way to spend a Sunday morning over a cup of coffee!

    • Deborah Silver says

      thanks Terry. I like to spend my Sunday morning writing about something-whatever comes to mind. Deborah

  4. For me, it’s all about the smell! There is nothing quite like walking past my petunias and getting that spicy, summer scent!
    I’ve found when mine look bedraggled (we’ve had tons of rain too..) if I cut them back and then put a spot of compost around them, they bounce right back.

  5. Petunias are popular and reliable flowering ornamental plants. They are very beautiful! They’re bright and lively, and scent the air with lovely fragrance All the pictures of petunias here are just wonderful!.

  6. First time visiting . . . love your blog, flowers, design . . . ALL!

  7. I think all of those flower pot with the petunias, I plant some every year, but now I have better ideas since seeing these.. thanks for sharing

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