At A Glance: One Stem At A Time

one stem at a time 28
All of these winter containers came to be, one stem at a time. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy the process.

one at a time (3)

one at a time (4)

one at a time 15

one at a time (1)


one at a time (7)

one at a time 22

one at a time 3

one at a time (2)one glass drop at a time.

one at a time 17

one at a time (10)

one at a time (5)

one at a time 24

one at a time 7

one at a time (9)

one at a time  9

one at a time (11)

one at a time 20

one at a time (8)

DSC_6573Lots of the pots pictured above were done by Rob. I learned from him how to slow down, and work one stem at a time.  He is confident enough to let a design evolve.  Nothing hurries him.  My advice?  Don’t hurry.  Take one step at a time.  Have fun.  Be challenged. Go ahead. Our 2014 winter and holiday container construction is underway-I hope yours is too.


  1. These are just beautiful, Deborah. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Kay, I hope to encourage everyone to do winter and holiday containers. I am happy to share whatever I can. all the best to you, Deborah

  2. BRAVO!

  3. Deborah: you have the touch, everything you touch, lovely,

    thanks again and again

    • Deborah Silver says

      many thanks, Howard, for your letter. I so appreciate it. I hope that some people might see something that might inspire them. Sharing the work is a great pleasure. best regards, Deborah

  4. Stunningly beautiful! You are a very talented woman! Thanks for sharing and giving us not-so-creative-types some inspiration.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Marianne, everyone comes with some creativity, standard issue. What it really takes is the willingness to do the work. I find when people see what is possible, they are more likely to take on the work of it. If I am able to inspire someone via a picture of something we have done, and an explanation of how we do it, to take on a project for their own garden, then this writing is worth the time it takes. Be inspired! Thanks, Deborah

  5. Diane Plocek says

    Deborah, I get so much inspiration from you and Rob….I have also been working on the outdoor containers….I love how you add all the interesting textures to your designs…It was great to see you at the store…..Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Diane, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too. Good to see you. The both of us like what the season brings. best, Deborah

  6. Especially beautiful work !! Joel and I send
    our very best to you and your family and friends
    for a very Happy Season.

    Your Friends,
    Jane and Joel Mettler

  7. utterly gobsmacked!

    very intrigued with the dogwood sticks side by side posing as a container. would love to see a completed photo!
    my favorite is the glass drops, ethereal.
    thank you deborah and rob!!!

  8. All of these are just insanely gorgeous. I so appreciate your reminder to take one’s time and let the process evolve.

  9. These are simply fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing all your pictures! Off to do a few installations of my own tomorrow and will be inspired by your work! Does the red eucalyptus fair well through snow and wind? It looks amazing!

  10. Betsy Donnelly says

    Deborah – Your creative pots are inspirational. Nieces from Houston are arriving tomorrow and I plan to show them your blog photos and then create our best effort on my front porch. They will freeze during this effort but we will have fun. Likely a trip to Detroit Garden Works first.
    Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Betsy, so happy to hear that you have a plan to involve your family in the winter pots. Good things revolve around personal effort and expression. As for the greater community-any gardener who steps up to the winter garden endows the entire neighborhood. Do up those pots. Let me know if I can help with that. best, Deborah

  11. Now I am am inspired to do my containers this weekend.

  12. Laura Willson says

    HI Deborah
    YOU & ROB are SUCH an inspiration!!! WOW, can you create a joyous season with just one container filled with so much personality, color, and stunning effects! I must get some local organization near me (RI/MA) to have you come give a talk or workshop sometime.
    (I also feel the same way about your summer/seasonal containers!) MAGNIFICENT!!!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Der Laura, both Rob and I take the business of expressing the gardening season very seriously. It is our hope that everyone who reads takes away something that might inform their own personal expression. all my best to you, Deborah


  14. Not a dud in the bunch,so beautiful,and those glass drops-exquisite!

  15. Beautiful and inspired variety. But what are those red branches that look like cobras? They’re in the small square pots with the purple eucalyptus and greens.

  16. Your work is just extraordinary and your posts are so inspiring. This post is a real gift. Thank you!

  17. Lovely and Inspiring- as always!

  18. carolyn jordan-white says

    hello happy turkey feasting today
    love the ones lit from below and what are the curly orangey sticks in the pot in front of your store

  19. So gorgeous and so inspiring! If I ever make it our to Detroit I will be popping into your shop. Thank you, the wheels are turning and its going to be 50 here in chicago tomorrow so ill be outside working. We moved this summer so this is our first Holiday to decorate. I am stumped with how to hang the fresh garland around the front door. Do you know of a way to do it without making holes?


    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Londen, I would have to see pictures of what you have. I have screws in the mortar at my house for hanging garland, which I don’t mind. I like garland that stays put! best, Deborah

  20. What are the branches in the 6th pic that look to have red berries on them? That is stunning, looks like it is on fire from the inside! Love it!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Shelly, those are Michigan holly branches. We spray them with vapor gard-this helps getting the berries to hold a good part of the winter. best, Deborah

  21. Betty L Armentrout says

    wonderful, the arrangements are from 2014, it’s 2017, and they are still stunning! Thanks for the inspiration , I am retired in Athens Georgia and enjoy doing this kind of art.

  22. Lori Bennett says

    Do you have a tutorial on how to you did the twigs with the light at the base

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Lori, we lay the lights down/arrange the lights on the surface of the soil, and stick the twigs in one at a time, between the cords. best, Deborah

  23. Martha Byrnes says

    What kind of lights do you use in the form that looks like the twigs are on fire?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Martha, go to the Detroit Garden Works website, and look through the “Seasonal” section. All of the twig style lights are listed there. best, Deborah

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