At A Glance: Moments From Previous Garden Tours

Hudson cistern fountain from the Branch StudioTo follow are some pictures from previous garden tours.  Enjoy them.

zinniascutting garden

landscape in Junea bowl garden

ew garden 003front yard landscape

garden tourside yard landscape

July21 023a rose garden

DSC_0061contemporary landscape

DSC_1483garden in the front yard

august gardens 068sanctuary garden

ew garden 006pergola garden

Italian terra cotta potspots on the steps

July 27a  2012 010


July22aa 057Rob’s garden

landscape 2013
view from the second floor

The Branch Studio custom Jackie boxesa cutting gardenDSC_2730pots on the driveway

obeliskFountain with an obelisk



  1. Inspirational as usual Deborah!

  2. Rob Beebe says

    Love that first garden photo!

  3. Fantastic images. Thank you for sharing!!!
    What are the pots used in the cutting garden?

  4. Ruth Wolery says

    I enjoy looking at these pictures and feel almost like I have been on a garden tour. – One of my favorite hobbies.

  5. Wow … much grander scale than the tours in our area though we seem to have more color 🙂

  6. Marguerite says

    Hello Deborah, Great pictures, thanks for sharing. In the seventh picture (contemporary landscape) can you tell me the name of the large thin trees?

  7. Inspirational, especially now when the weeds are taking over and I can see the the weaknesses in my design. Thanks for hope

  8. Margarita says

    Hi, Deborah! I love your work and read every post in this blog. Such a beautiful creations!
    I also grow flowers in pots outside but never get such lavish cascading flowers like in the “pots on the steps” picture above. How do you achieve such performance from plants?

  9. Dear Debra.
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy being on my deck this year and looking out to my yard with out trying to peek through those spindles. The best advice you could have given me was to take the spindle rails off my deck. I haven’t been in your store much lately but I wanted to pass that on. I really luv it. Thanks for your inspiration


    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Suzette, it is amazing how one little thing can make so much difference. You did not need railings-your deck is but one step above the grade of the yard. hooray for your much improved view! thanks for writing. best, Deborah

  10. Mary Duffy says

    Oh wow wow wow! Next year perhaps.

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