At A Glance: Magnolia Grandiflora

Nov 19 013

Nov 19 014


2007 Silver Holiday (17)

2007 Barrett Holiday (5)

2007 Barrett Holiday (8)

Dec 14 2008 013

2007 Silver Holiday (16)



  1. Those are beautiful!

  2. Deborah-
    I am inspired daily by your work. It is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us through your blog.
    I have taken many of your ideas and translated them to my little ranch turned cottage, including building and installing deep window boxes, now decorated with moss topiaries and lighted garland.
    I am also inspired to plant annuals in my spring garden and plan ahead. Your post on keeping a season or two ahead helped so much with organizing my garden displays.
    Please keep up the wonderful posts, essays and photos!


  3. Wonderful decorations! It feels like Christmas is coming!

  4. Vivian Britt says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I recently discovered you blog Dirt Simple on your website and was so thrilled and happy with what I found. Your blog is going to make it a alot easier to get through these long winter months. Your photos are beautiful, and your comments reads like a good garden book. Your work is inspiring. Thank you again for sharing.


  5. Deborah – love those magnolia wreaths but I have always shy away from them since I don’t know how long they will last through the long winter months we have. Do they still look good in March? Also would you be willing to share with me where you get those green acorns? I have huge oak trees on my property and would just love to tie that in with my wreaths.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Sheila, I have one client with a magnolia wreath that is 10 years old-they dry beautifully indoors-the leaves turn a pale green. The leaves will brown outdoors-especially if they are in a lot of sun-but they do not fall apart. It definitely would last until March. We sell the acorns at Detroit Garden Works-14.95 for 6 big ones. 18.95 for 9 medium. If you are interested, email Deborah

  6. Monique Wilsondebriano says

    I just found your blog. How beautiful!! I am decorating with magnolia this year and I have a question. Do you treat your magnolia garland with glycerin first or can you just hang it? I am so afraid of it dying and looking bad for Christmas.

  7. I just return to Texas from Mississippi where I cut some magnolia branches to use for Thanksgiving and Christmas arrangements. I do not know how to preserve them or know if I should be drying them or what? Do I keep them in water? Do I keep them in garage or house? ANY help would be appreciated.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Lynn, Keep the branches as cold as possible. Wrapping them in plastic will help the leaves to conserve moisture-but watch for any signs of mold. The leaves wuill start to dry, if exposed to warm temperatures. Dry magnolia is quite beautiful-it is just not as vibrant as fresh. Good luck, Deborah

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