At A Glance: Lots Of Spring Pots

spring-pots-2014.jpgTo follow are too many pictures of the spring pots we have planted up at the shop.  But too many pictures of plants growing and blooming is just what I need right now.  On this 18 foot antique Scottish railway bench, a collection of little mixed spring pots.  Ever since the day years ago that I had a 14 year old boy put a ten dollar bill in my hand, and ask me what I would recommend for his gardening Mom for Mother’s Day, I make sure I have an answer.

spring-pots.jpgThe loss of the section of boxwood in front of the store is a loss I cannot really explain.  Those plants had their roots entwined with a vision for a garden shop imagined 19 years ago. I would have been happy to have those plants there, always.  But always is not an adjective one can routinely pair with the work and unexpected trouble that it is to sustain a landscape.  Sometimes changes must be made.  Though the end of this winter is not what I would have chosen, I have plenty of options to express the beginning of a new gardening season that are charged with life, vigor, and color.

spring-pots.jpgA container planted for spring is all about a new season.  Fresh ideas that grow out of old ones.  A splash of color so welcome after an interminable winter. Spring is a season which is different every year.  Ours so far is wet and cold.  But these container plants revel in those transitory conditions.  I admire their verve and robust habits.  Bring on the spring plants.

spring-pots.jpgParsley, dwarf marguerites, pansies and violas

spring-pots.jpgStock, lobelia, alyssum and pansies

Spring-pots.jpgLemon cypress, white cabbage, variegated lavender, green sagina, white alyssum and dwarf marguerites

little-spring-pots.jpgLittle spring container plantings in fiber pots

spring-pots.jpgvariegated lavender and violas

spring-pots.jpgspring vegetables in containers

pansy-pots.jpgpair of pansy and viola pots

lettuce-in-rows.jpgbasalt tray planted with lettuce and citron alyssum

pansy-pot.jpgred, yellow and orange pansies in a mossed basket

lettuce-pots.jpglettuce bowls

galvanized-pot-with-chard.jpglemon grass, chard, osteospermum, alyssum, and dwarf marguerites

red-and-yellow-for-spring.jpgpansies and violas in jewel tones

moss-basket.jpgwire basket full of violas

chard-pots.jpgchard and orange pansies in fiber bulb pans

pansies-and-lettuce.jpgParsley, lettuce and pansies are a sure sign of spring.




  1. Cara Kazanowski says

    Thank you — and your team — for these vivid, varied & creative pots & plants!

  2. madeline foster says

    19 years is “old” for boxwoods in MI – how many years is that in “dog” years”. Smile & be happy you had them for as long as they could stay – now, let’s compare to my yard “yuck” – planted 150 peony style tulips – all eaten to the ground, even with deer preventive program ! I am not giving up – I’ll do them again in the fall, if I have to put up a 12″ burlap wall ! Miss those babies !

  3. There are not too many pictures. Love them all

  4. I’ve been waiting for winter to thaw in Detroit so I could glean some stylish ideas for my pots on either side of the front door of my desert southwest home.

    After studying your creative holiday designs for outdoor pots, I copied as best I could one of your Christmas pots, and the neighbors proclaimed my outdoor pots the best decorating idea they’d seen. The pressure was on to produce something just as fabulous for spring. But the weather gods don’t always cooperate. The freeze up your way lasted so long, whereas we’ve had a warm late winter/early spring, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting your last two postings with all the inspiring ideas.
    The only thing that saved me was that birds began nesting in February, filling my Christmas pots with eggs, and so it seemed inhuman to break down the holiday theme just to shoo away the birds. At least that’s what I told the neighbors.
    Now that you’re posting new ideas for spring, I’ve got my pots planted beautifully for the season.

    Thanks, Deborah, for your wonderful ideas and inspiration (and making me famous over the holidays to my admiring neighbors)!

  5. Beautiful plantings!

  6. Adrienne says

    Where might I find interesting pots such as the fiber ones? I live in Texas, so many plants have to be tolerant of extreme heat. I would like to give some plants to teachers for end -of – the year gifts What else would be a good container to grow veggies in?

    Such a great blog!!!



    • Deborah Silver says

      Adrienne, Detroit Garden Works has all kinds of pots-including fiber pots. Good luck with your project, Deborah

  7. Lisa - Ontario says

    I nearly cried when I read about having a 14 year old boy coming in with a $10 for Mother’s Day. So sweet, and thank you for having things on hand for children to give their Moms.

    There are not too many pictures at all. All of your plantings are lovely. I just wish I lived closer, and could take plant material across the border.

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