At A Glance: Leaf Deprived


Sept 1b 2012 006The Michigan landscape has a decidedly arctic look to it right now.  I thought these pictures might be a comfort to leaf deprived northern gardeners, myself included.  Strobilanthes is commonly known as Persian shield.

Sept 1b 2012 003asclepias incarnata, orange sedge, and verbena bonariensis

Annuals 2006_09_19 (7)calocasia, coleus, creeping jenny and scotch moss (sagina)

Sept 15, 2013 (65)plectranthus, dusty miller, and barbed wire plant

dgw c (2)hosta, lime green selaginella, and clear sky primrose pansies

DGW 2006_07_26 (31)
blue green and red-violet- Persian shield, perfume purple nicotiana, red bor kale, senecio “blue chalk”, lavender star verbena, silver falls dichondra, petunia

Aug 9, 2011 027caladiums

Sept 15, 2013 (78)caladiums and polka dot plant

dieffenbachiadieffenbachia and company

Sept 15, 2013 (68)red bore kale and variegated scented geranium

audi 027Can’t wait for the coming of the leaves.



  1. Just what the doctor ordered…thanks.

  2. Marti Neely says

    Bluegreen and Red Violet, oh my it is so stunning. That may just have to be my go to combo for this year. Thank you for the inspiration. As always, you never fail to brighten my day.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Thanks Marti. I still remember designing this pot. I had 2 plants, one of each color, and went all over town looking for the right companions. I still like it. Hope all is well with you! Deborah

  3. Paul Michaud says

    Wow names and photos of old friends warmer weather will surely arrive soon? Lets hope so there are only so many days allotted to bleak

  4. I used Persian Shield for the first time in a container this past summer. Wow! It was the star. My only ‘complaint’ was having to keep it trimmed back!

  5. Thanks for this! This is the time of year that I start to wonder if the season will ever change. It is quite wonderous, isn’t it? The transformation that occurs each year…I almost feel sorry for those in the tropics that don’t get to experience both ends of the spectrum.

  6. So nice to see beautiful colors. Winter in PA is not letting up. Can’t wait to see the colors of spring.

  7. There wasn’t one picture that didn’t put a smile on my face. It was a welcome surprise in this tundra we are living in right now. It gives me hope of nicer days. Thanks for making me think of warmer days.

  8. Silvia Weber says

    Dear Deborah, no one does plant combinations like you! Viewing them in this weather, absolutely – just what the doc ordered! Thanks! Silvia

  9. sudie bercheck says

    Ahhhhh. SO timely! So colorful! So teasingly out of touch for a few more months! Thank you, so much, for the visual and emotional delight your blog brings.

  10. Kay Hentschell says

    What a feast and treat for the winter weary eyes!

  11. Carol roszka says

    Thank you giving us hope that spring will come again

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Carol, I am sure spring will come, just like every gardener is. The circumstances of that spring-who knows what will happen!! Deborah

  12. Such beautiful combos! I’m a newer viewer and have been so impressed with the pix of your container plantings and your great artistic colorings and texture pairings! Kudos to you! Can’t wait to see you and the store this late spring. Thank you….thank you

  13. Lynn Fiorentino says

    Absolutely loved the blue green and red velvet combination. What is the blue/gray plant in the front middle? Thanks for the hope you offer of things to come!!!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Lynn, I know it as senecio “blue chalk”, but I am not so swell with the nomenclature of succulents. Deborah

  14. what a sight for these winter weary eyes in MN! Thank You.
    Can you tell me when you transfer the Hosta into Pots to keep their leaves large? when I split in the Spring the leaves seem smaller

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Laurie, I do not split hostas and then pot them in a container-unless I split them very early in the spring before the new shoots actually leaf out. I plant whole plants-either 1 gallon size from a nursery, or whole plants from the ground. Deborah

  15. Ditto…”Can’t wait for the coming of the leaves.”

  16. Ms. Silver – I really love the hosta/pure primrose pansy/selaginella fiber pots. As a matter of fact a friend and I are wondering about what that grassy looking stuff is in the middle, when the pot was planted, and did you divide a 1 gallon hosta to acheive the effect or plant divisions in the pot in the fall? However you did it, the pots are stellar!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Ginny, the center of this pot is a bunch of dried natural reeds. I planted- in the spring – 6 or 4 6″ pots of hosta in this container. Deborah

  17. Lovely color and textures that look ideal – thank you for the inspiration !

    Always look forward to your postings !


  18. Hi Deborah, I love your blog and often find inspiration. I have a question for you about millet “Flashlights” that I’ve seen you use in the past. I’m curious about how tall it actually grows. When I’ve seen it at a nursery it says up to 24″ but I’ve never seen it much taller than 8″. What has been your experience? I love it and would use it more if I was confident of the height. Thanks, Kim

    • Deborah Silver says

      Kim, it should grow 18-24. Last year was a cool and rainy season for us-it was short. It did not grow taller than 10″ for me, and it never made seed heads. Deborah

  19. Thanks for this! This is the time of year that I start to wonder if the season will ever change.

  20. I love the scotch moss and creeping jenny and the combo in the black trough the best. I tried scotch moss in the ground once…and it died. 🙁 Maybe I’ll try it again in a pot. I just finished shoveling a ton of snow and I got cramps in my toes of all places. Can’t wait for spring. Hope you are keeping warm and safe. Love the blog.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Schmoo, I have no idea if my scotch moss will survive the winter. I am trying not to think about what I will do next, if it doesn’t. Like you, I am so ready for spring. Thanks for your letter. Deborah

  21. loving this post. Beautiful pictures. Thanks!

  22. Thank you for including shade-lovers in pots… lovely combinations as always. I have way too much shade and clay/rocky soil, so I use a lot of large pot combinations for accents. Your posts always inspire me to go big or go home. 🙂

  23. Persian shield is such a beautiful plant. My wife showed it to me a couple years back. I love the pictures you have on here.

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