At A Glance: Late Fall

maples shedding

mid-November.jpgbleached maples leaves

maple-fall-color.jpgmaple leaves

Japanese-maple-in-the-fall.jpgJapanese maple in late November

gingko-and-hydrangea-in-the-fall.jpgGingko and hydrangea


pear-tree-in-fall.jpgpear tree

pear-espalier.jpgpear espalier

Venus-dogwood-fall-color.jpgVenus dogwood

oak-tree.jpgold oak

snow-today.jpgsnow today


  1. Here in the desert southwest, we are starved for the golds, fuchsias, and brilliant oranges of your turning leaves, so perfectly captured in these stunning images. The desert has a beauty all its own, but nothing makes the spirit soar like a falling autumn leaf or that very first snowflake.

    As always, thanks for your generosity in sharing your words, your heart, and your photographs.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Terry, we may be from very different places, but we share a certain something about the beauty of the garden. It is always good to hear from you. Thanks, Deborah

  2. Janie Levinson says

    Deborah, love your blog! You are so inspiring and so very talented. We don’t have a shop like yours in my city…..oh how I wish we did. Thanks so much for sharing and for the wonderful pictures!

  3. I follow all your post since a long time. i really love all want you do and your shop is fabulous.
    This automn colors of leaves are gorgeous!
    thanks to share all this

  4. Beautiful fall foliage! I especially like the first photo with the deep carpet of fallen leaves (as long as I don’t have to pick them up!).

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