At A Glance: In And Out









  1. I love boxwoods and the dog looks so cute! Just beautiful in and out. Nice share!

  2. What a joy! All of it, the dogs, boxwood, and raised steel bed.

  3. Incredibly cute! I think he was waiting for you to follow him through the hedge.

  4. Fernando Gomez says

    I love animals that have personality and I can tell your dogs do. Very photogenic pup as if he knew how and when to pose. Too cute!

  5. Today’s photos made me laugh . . . how delightful!

  6. Great photos. Who are those gorgeous roses and how long have they been planted there?

  7. Love it!! Instead of living fence, it’s a living “doggie door”.

  8. Nice pictures and a cute dog, but I would worry about damage to the boxwoods though. No?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Antoine, it was unfair not to mention that I have pruned a “corgi door” in this hedge. It is not so visible from the outside, but it is enough such that Milo can get in there without hurting the boxwood. Why both corgis like to go in and out-I have no idea. I have 2 “doors” in the south hedge, and 2 doors in the north hedge. It’s a lot easier to accommodate them, than to keep them out. Thanks, Deborah

  9. Love it!

  10. great photos, thanks for posting!

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