At A Glance: Home For The Holiday

Dec 20 029

Dec 20 040

Dec 25 004

Dec 24 027

Dec 25 013

Dec 24 048

Dec 24 045

Dec 25 029

Dec 24 055

Dec 25 027

Dec 24 008


  1. all looks great. i love the simplicity of your home. not fussy. ML

  2. Sheryl Magaro says

    Nice warm photos. Howard and Mylo look exhausted, 🙂 Cute.

  3. Lauren Hanson says

    Love it!!! Your indoor magnolia Christmas tree is so beautiful and innovative! I like that you put your large tree outdoors, what a statement that makes in the snow covered yard. Gorgeous, creative and elegant, as always.

  4. Finally catching up on your posts, Christmas was crazy at the flower shop. What is that gorgeous green in the dining room?

  5. No, in the first photo, there is a room on the left with an arched window and patterned curtains. It looks like the walls are green.

  6. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Deborah, the walls in that room are green. The drapes are green/brown tapestry. There is a green rug on the floor-is that what you see? Let me know if I need to photograph the room in better detail!! Deborah2

  7. Sorry, Deborah, I reread my first comment and I was very unclear. I would love to see another picture of that room, but I was referring to the paint colour on the walls.

  8. So Deborah, what is the paint colour? Manufacturer and name, please.

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