At A Glance: Holiday Garlands

To follow are pictures of garlands we have installed at one time or another. Why so many pictures? I like them. I treasure making them. I like that no matter how different they may be, each and every one celebrates the home and garden. It is just that simple. Winter garlands ward off the winter. I do not take so kindly to the coming of the winter.  My garden gone down and dark is a dark day indeed. The work I do outside now that enlightens and cheers the winter landscape is work I welcome.

Yes, I wrap my trees with garland. I doubt the grapevine and evergreen garland keeps my trees warm, but the act of wrapping the tree trunks comforts me, and keeps me warm.  No matter what a garland wraps, the big idea is about warmth. Gardeners in northern climates have a few months of bitterly cold weather ahead of them. Any expression of warmth is welcome now. Yes, please.

garland detail

a light garland

garland over the windows

magnolia garland

tree wrap

garland for an outdoor fireplace

window garland

burlap garland

asymmetrical garland

garland detail

light garland

I will confess that I go to great lengths to ward off the winter.  I am guilty as charged. Beyond those charges, the construction and the installation of garlands for the holiday and winter keeps me happy, and busy.



  1. Tami Jones says

    These are all so wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. they look fabulous!

  3. Linda Hagler says

    Wow!! Just fabulous. Nothing else to say.

  4. All gorgeous! Just curious how did you attach to brick on home . Thks

  5. Inspirational! Love the burlap garland! Are all windows decked with burlap and lights? Would love to see night view with lights.

  6. Soooo many creative garlands! I just love the idea of wrapping your trees!!! Keep the photos coming – I can never get enough. Thank you for sharing 😉

  7. Cheryl Nelson says

    Love these! Also love the idea that the garlands ward off winter!

  8. Jeannine Eitel says

    Gasping at all these wonderful garlands! WOW! Stunning! You and your staff make this a truly beautiful time of year!

  9. debra@5th and state says

    all so inspirational Deborah & team!
    am particularly fond of the tree rejoicing in it’s newly fit empire burlap gown 🙂
    speaking of burlap, those exterior drapings…fab!

  10. Jeanne Neivert says

    Absolutely amazing !!!! Just beautiful each and every design.

  11. Dear Debra,

    Thank you for your beautiful garlands, especially for the trees, and for your amazing Christmas store, and your helpful elves, especially Sunnie and Rob, and for you who makes it all happen.

    Was lucky to take an artist friend to DGW for the first time last Saturday and saw it again through fresh eyes;
    what fun.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  12. Well done pieces. Love the large scale pop.

  13. Your stewardship of keeping a warm life, through winter, is contagious.

    No reason in middle rural Georgia to be as deeply defensive against winter.

    Winter has been a season to take it easy. Until meeting you, here, years ago.

    You’ve given me that spark, your spark, to do more to steward myself properly thru winter.

    Which is a ministry in its deepest sense.

    Great enjoyment seeing garland thru the years at your shop.

    Off topic, about my century old pecan trees. When Hurricane Irma hit this summer, how those pecan trees swayed in a waltz, to their roots. Astonishing to witness. Winds came from opposite direction the pecan trees have grown against for a century plus. Felt like I was watching a direct G*d moment. Canopy-trunk-roots in tandem matching prose seemingly written by C.S. Lewis put to a tune by Aaron Copland. Those trees KNOWING they would not fall. Branches thicker than my thigh fell, but not a single tree.

    Anyway, that’s my tree story. Love your wrapped trees, and why you wrap them.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  14. Love your blog Deborah…up here in Central New Hampshire we have a bit in common
    especially weatherwise! I always look forward to your emails in my inbox. Inspiring and mood lifting when the cold winds blow and the sun sets so soon.
    Happy solstice!
    Thank you!

  15. Gorgeous work. Did you post a beautiful winter themed wedding decor last week? It was at a home where they wanted beautiful winter decor for their daughter’s wedding. The very large pots were amazing. Lots of greens with birch (big) branches in the center reaching skyward. I thought I had saved that post but unfortunately can not find it. Was hoping to do a smaller version of it at my home.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Leah, just go to, and scroll down until you get back to that post. best, Deborah

  16. Each and every scene, the garlands and pots are genius. But that burlap garden is just beyond in creativity and wit. I think it so enhances the window and is such an indoor/outdoor chuckle, it deserves to stay up ALL YEAR….. and have the two corner punctuation points change with the season. Thank you so much D, for sending these messages out and inspiring us all.

  17. Beautiful photos and garlands! You did an amazing job there, love every single one of them!

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