At A Glance: Gray Leaves

June 24 2014 (3)silver cascade dusty miller

July 26 2014 (23)silver king begonias

July 27 2014 (9)sage

victorian rosemaryvictorian rosemary topiary and silver falls dichondra

DSC_2714helichrysum icicles

DSC_2709 (2)

silver king begonias, watermelon pepperomia and pink polka dot plant- Persian Shield in the center

Hudas-05-20-475x356[1]centaurea gymnocarpa, cirrus dusty miller, and silver licorice

July 26 2014 (25)White caladiums and silver king begonias

July 27 2014 (15)silver king begonias-several varieties

July 27 2014 (29)silver king begonias

July 27 2014 (18)silver king begonias

June 24 2014 (20)silver cascade dusty miller




  1. You are an inspiration! Have you considered the idea to have workshops about how to create this beautiful containers?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Mary, I don’t know how I would wedge in teaching workshops-I have more than I can handle as it is! But you are kind to ask. Thanks, Deborah

  2. Stunning!

  3. Beautiful! I’ve just this year become a huge fan of gray leaved and neutral plants. They add so much texture and variety when combined with deep or hot colors. Love these images!

  4. More than 50 Shades of Grey! Honestly, I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of Dusty Miller. I thought Dusty Miller was just that … Dusty Miller! You are definitely the QUEEN of container gardening, Ms. Silver!

  5. Erica McKoane says

    I love the tranquil beauty of silver with white or pale hues. While I love riotous color, there is a soothing effect, almost tailored look of the silver and the varied shapes of foliage as part of the composition. Truly with an artists eye!! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  6. I have to agree with the comments about being generous with your ideas and you definitely inspire me with my own gardens.

  7. Sterling – as always

  8. love. the white. love the simplicity.

  9. Damn woman! Amazing!

  10. I plant Persian Shield every year but I’ve never seen the helichrysum icicles or the silver cascade dusty miller.They would look great in a pot with the Persian Shield. Do you carry the dusty miller and icicles at your store?

  11. Donna Perdue says

    All of these are beautiful!

  12. Roger Boeve says

    So enjoy your blog. Accidentially found your web site and on our way to Michigan will most certainly stop by to see your shop. We are traveling from Richmond, VA. See you soon. Thanks for sharing your creative work. Roger

  13. Laura Gardiner says

    Dear Deborah,
    I always enjoy reading your blog, and find it so inspiring.
    I have a question about hydrangeas, however.
    I am coming across some with chlorosis of the leaves, and wondered if you encounter this problem as well. What do you do about it? Are there varying reasons for this? I would appreciate your advice.
    (I am in southern Ontario)

  14. Wish you would label the names of plants in your lovely photos!

  15. They take the temperature down a notch or two…at least psychologically. They’re all very beautiful.

  16. cynthia woodyard says

    You do such a great and generous job with your pots and sharing, Debra! Thank you.

  17. My skill as a container gardener has matured so much since I began reading your blog.

    I’m finding the power of gray-colored foliage to accent all the bright greens that typically draw my eye at our local nursery. In my neck of the woods, that means a lot of dusty miller. It makes the reds pop brighter and other greens seem more lime, more chartreuse, more emerald. More contrast and thus more interest.

    Your planted containers are simply fabulous — one after the next. Thanks for sharing!

  18. So beautiful.

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