At A Glance: Good And Green

lemon cypress and scotch moss

tree ferns, caladiums, and bird’s nest fernspepperomia Jayde, variegated boxwood, lemon cypress

white mandevilleas

wasabi coleus and variegated licorice

white topiary fuchsia and Victorian parlor ferns

window box with lavender, angelonia, silver dichondra, and so on

green and white caladiums

eugenia topiaries underplanted with cirrus dusty miller and silver dichondra

rosemary topiary, fig, white petunias, cherry tomato


white geraniums, white angelonia, variegated licorice and mini silver petunias

herbs and strawberries

all green, gray and white.








  1. debra@5th and state says

    you leave me inspired, once again. the australian tree fern setting is to die for!
    thank you deborah

  2. lisa narozanick says


  3. Cathy Peterson says

    All so beautiful! And that bright green urn speaks to me! I may experiment with a bird’s nest fern. Do you know if they can successfully be brought indoors for the winter in the Midwest?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Cathy, they are tropical ferns, so I think it is fairly easy to overwinter them indoors. best, Deborah

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Cathy, they are tropical ferns, so they should winter over indoors easily. best, Deborah

    • Barbara Ottolino says

      I have overwintered successfully in Chicago area. They like a LOT of water, humidity, and will grow quite a bit. While shopping, I met a gardener from Venezuela who told me they become 5′ wide there. I believe it!!

  4. DJ Hatch-Sherlock says

    The greens are so magnificent. Thank you so much for such inspiration. DJ

  5. Erica McKoane says

    Deborah, I think the quiet beauty of greens,white, with silver touches are stately. Sometimes the unexpected pop of greens like creeping Jenny or licorice livens it up as a compliment to deep reds or eggplant purples. It’s a restful and relaxing combination. Once again, I so enjoy your photos and comments. Thanks! Erica

  6. Paula Stemen says

    I so look forward to reading your blogs. Every photo is stunning!!!

  7. Lisa at Greenbow says

    I would love to look out daily and see those magnificent tree ferns. I hope someone has a place to over winter them. Drool~~~~ This looks like a welcoming soothing spot to land in the evening.

  8. Nancy Edwards says


  9. I love your combinations and containers. Was wondering if you could help me with a container question? I live in Ohio(zone 5) and want a largeish tall black container that I can leave out all year and it will not leave rust marks at the base. What should the pot be made of and do you know where I could purchase some? Thanks so much for your expert advise in advance!

    • Lynn Taggart says

      I’m chiming in here, although I’m sure Deborah’s advice will include a much more elegant solution. Several years ago I purchased 6 tall containers (about 38″ high, tapered -wider at the top than the bottom) from one of the big box home improvement stores. They are made of a black hard rubber material that looks better than it sounds. They stand on the granite staircase to our church doors in Salem, MA and have lived through miserable winters and scorching summers. They haven’t faded or cracked, and look just as they did the day we installed them. We change out the plantings 5 or 6 times a year. We did learn that they needed large rocks as ballast in high winds to keep them from blowing over when we had some rather glorious tall curly willows leaf out and create a sail effect. We’ve been very happy with the containers, and they were about $60 each, which fit into our nearly non-existent budget.

  10. I love your green pictures. What is variegated licorice plant? I’ve used the grayish ones and the lemon-lime ones, but have not seen variegated ones. Also, any special care for caladiums? They don’t seem to work for me. Thanks, love your site.

  11. IMABunny says

    Deborah WOW at these designs. Fresh and new. They are also beautiful. I’m a long time lurker stopping by to say hi. You’ve outdone yourself again…just when I was getting tired of the same old same old. These look refreshing.

  12. Inspiring planters as always. Love your combinations. I just happened the find the victorian parlor ferns this weekend sold here in Canada as Silver Lace Fern. so i am even more excited to use them after seeing your planters.
    Question what did you under plant your large white mandevilla vines with – I couldn’t tell from the picture.
    Thank you

  13. I like the simplicity of greens. Beautiful planters!

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