At A Glance: Early Purple

purple pansies

Cathedral Sky Blue salvia

lavender bicolor violas and lettuce

lavender lisianthus

lime leaved coral bells and lavender streptocarpus

wisteria Blue Moon

 Opal Moon escheveria, angelina, and sweet alyssum

lavender clematis

purple pansy mix

spring planting

carmine pansies and alyssum

purple violas and angelina

purple columbine


  1. I count it a success when I read a blog post and find just what I needed that I didn’t know. I have a planting of rooted graptopetalum that needed ‘something’ but I couldn’t figure it out. Your photo of lavender succulent and purple alyssum fills that need! Why didn’t I think of purple alyssum? I forgot it comes in purple! Perfect. The companions are palest pink Pentas and Persian Shield.

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