At A Glance: Driving North

Lush Life in Atlanta

south of Berea, Kentucky

south of Cincinnati

heading into Cincinnati storm

Dayton, Ohio

icy Chevy

An average tire goes 6.28 feet per revolution.  Detroit to Atlanta and back, 1500 miles.  My tires-1,261,146.40 glued-to-the-road revolutions this trip. 

My Chevy is heavy. It features 4 wheel drive and traction control via computer.  Add that to a rocking set of tires, state of the art windshield wipers, and the orange windshield wiper fluid that Fred made me buy, I had a safe trip back in bad winter weather.  

Can you not see it written on their faces?  Just where exactly have you been the past eight days??  We are all ears.


  1. That’s a mighty stern homecoming. I keep coming back to your photo of the “lush life,” with its tropical formality in what looks like fairly tight landscape quarters. Very appealing.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Denise, Lush Life is a floral shop/mini garden center/garden on a very tiny piece of property. They do a great job in a very small space. I try to go and see what’s doing when I go to Atlanta. Deborah

  2. pam hansen says

    I am familiar with that dog-look.

  3. Marni Nelson says

    The “lush life” photo is great,even with empty planters !
    I would love some advice on a few pieces for my front porch. Do you do online consulations ?
    Love your blog !


  4. Ha! Ha! Gotta love your dogs! That’s too funny!
    Glad you made it home safe and sound!

  5. Arturo Sanchez says

    Barry wants to know why you didn’t call, you could have stopped by his parents farm in Berea either coming or going for Pie…..did you her me you missed out Barry’s mother’s pies…..Sweet Mother of God!

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