At A Glance: Dream Cruise Today

The 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise is today. It is the world’s largest 1 day automotive event, drawing over a million visitors, and upwards of 30,000 classic cars.  I went early this morning.  It’s a happening, yes.   


  1. captain wackey says

    it would appear to me that what these photos illustrate is passion. something that your blog and your writing is grounded in. the thought, the engineering, the attention to detail, and the desire that went into each of those cars – the search for the correct color, the right sound of the exhaust note, the horsepower, the overall look, is no less a quest than growing the perfect plant in the perfect place. whether you have grease or dirt under your fingernails, the pursuit is the same. gardeners and hot rodders aren’t very different. they are both consumed by their passion. one planted in the earth and one dedicated to mobility. and both are dedicated to their own love of beauty.

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