At A Glance: Back Up And Running

This was a scene from my neighborhood 5 days ago.  Incredible, the force that could snap off a tree this size.  Extremely high temperatures were accompanied by strong storms, high winds, and torrential rain.  Adding to the weather misery-a power outage that went on for days. We spent our evening hours in the fountain, cooked on the grill, and slept in the basement.   

Of course my back yard fountain wasn’t running, but the water was wet and cool-at least the first few days.

The corgis have no use for this body of water, except to take a fastidious drink now and then.  But I could see them warming up to the cooling possibilities of the water every day that went on without electricity.

We spent 2 hours night before last outside, in the water.  Milo never budged from his spot.

Though the air was 99 degrees, the water was much cooler. 

When the power finally came back on yesterday afternoon, we let out the top 6 inches of warm water, and refilled the pool. Sitting next to the water outake, we all felt like we had just been sprung from jail.  It was exhausting trying to work all day in that heat.  By this time in the evening, I wanted anything but some more heat. 

My furry friend had the same idea. 

cardigan welsh corgi

By 7 pm last night, we were invigorated.  Or at least hydrated. 




  1. Silvia Weber says

    I can’t remember a hotter July 4th! And yesterday was even hotter – revolting weather and we had power, although no AC, just an attic fan which turns on around 8pm. We had dinner on the terrace, north side of the house. I asked Gerry to fill one if the weeding buckets with cold water. I ate with my feet in the bucket- and it too felt like getting out of jail. I hope to God it’s cooler for the Garden Cruise. Ann Cicarella is driving up for the Cruise too.

    • Deborah Silver says

      We so hope the cruise will be in cooler weather-can’t wait to see you! I lived through the last 4 days with my feet in the water-just like you. See you soon, Silvia.

  2. When I dream of having an inground pool in our tiny backyard, I dream of your gorgeous fountain.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear London, I have been in that fountain every evening for weeks-it has been the highlight of the day.

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