At A Glance: A Run Of Cold And Rainy Weather

August 16 2014 020We have had a long run of cold and rainy weather.  As in overnight temperatures in the high 40’s and low fifties, and close to 6 inches in one day, last week.  I don’t think the pink fittonia has grown an inch.

August 16 2014 047However, this variegated tradescantia is really thriving-the color is so beautiful. It almost looks like it is blooming.  I will plant this again, no doubt.

August 16 2014 002The begonias have held up amazingly well in the cold rainy weather.  The caladiums and alocasia are so so-I would guess they are shuddering from the cold.

Aug 16 2014 004The Persian Shield on this north wall is such a beautiful iridescent purple. In full sun, the leaves green up-the resulting purple/green mix is a muddy color. This pot is holding its own.  I have had the Persian Shields grow 3 feet in a single season.  Not this year.

Aug 16 2014 002This lavender New Guinea impatiens is completely out of bloom, but is setting buds. They hate chilly weather.

Aug 16 2014 003The nicotiana has had quite a bout with white fly. I can’t remember ever dealing with that before.  I sprayed the foliage with water every day.  Who knows if that helped.  The cold may have slowed them down.  I don’t see them anymore, but the nicotiana were damaged. The coleus is filling in for them.

Aug 16 2014 013The plants in this pot seems to be thriving.

Aug 16 2014 005The cool and rainy weather has not fazed the heuchera one bit. They have put on some weight.  Aug 16 2014 007The geraniums have not been happy.  They like it hot, and on the dry side.  But these Caliente geraniums are bravely budding up.  It is hard to keep a good plant down.

Aug 16 2014 009The scented geranium topiary is shedding interior leaves.  This is a sign of water stress-either too much, or too little.  The scotch moss is loving the sun, the rain, and the cool.

Aug 16 2014 010I have no complaints with the Italian olive jar.  Every plant is bearing up, in spite of the unseasonably wet and cold weather.

Aug 16 2014 012Container plantings are a joy, and a trial.  Our summer has been cold and cool-no tropical plant loves this.  I keep hoping for that warm up that never comes. By this time of year, my deck pots are usually overflowing.  Do I have any complaints?  Not really.

014I could be looking at this.







  1. Well. That kinda says it all doesn’t it. I had that first moment yesterday where I projected myself one month into the future (Sept 17)….my favorite time of hear; two months into the future (Oct 17)….actually not so bad; three month into the future (Nov 17)….well, who knows?! Let’s enjoy it while we can because it is slipping way…BIG TIME. My favorite moment on your deck right now….the Irish moss bumps….too charming for words.

  2. Starr Foster says

    And I’m afraid we’ll be looking at “this” sooner than we like!
    Beautiful plantings and helpful commentary. You are so right about cool summers; I remember a few years ago we had such a cool summer that my tropical annuls never even grew, so this year I didn’t plant any heat lovers.

  3. I think you are getting our rain! Not much in July and nothing so far in Aug. Temps here in Madison have been great. And no bugs since no rain. Just don’t know what kind of weather to expect anymore, no matter the season.

  4. I have no complaints. Jane

  5. Oh I adore your blog so much!

    we are having a terrible time here! (God may strike me dead while I am writing this…..I am in Montecito…..the amazing “microclimate” and garden captital…..of the world. We are having a drought…..and because of mismanagement (my opinion) by our “water board” it is a horrible mess here. Rain dances I try daily….

    thank you for your lovely and inspirational blog! I adore it!!!

    Plants do much better than we do!! (I think!) They “adapt” better than we do (I think)!!

    Just my opinion!!!

  6. I am amazed how well your mandevillea (or is mandevilla?) is doing, considering the cool weather … Also like the variegated tradescantia. I didn’t know this plant, what a nice discovery. Thank you!

  7. hi deborah,
    your posts are inspiring and informative.
    thank you for the generosity in taking the
    time to write.
    i could use your help. you created a blog post that i read recently that i’m having trouble locating again. the images showed a red brick bungalow home where you had installed boxwoods at a front yard, creating a courtyard and you were talking about phases of installation. that everything is not done at once. i believe you showed a before and after, etc.
    seeing that again could be very helpful to me.
    if you could guide me to it, i’d be grateful.
    your NJ pal,

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