At A Glance: A Collection Of Fall Containers

pumpkins and gourds 2013 (39)bok choy, violas and pansies

October container 2eucalyptus, broom corn, cabbage, and kale

fall containers 019bleached sticks, eucalyptus, green and white pumpkins and gourds

Oct 11 2013 (3)chrysanthemums and pansies

burlap-sack-pot.jpgstriped gourds

white-pumpkin.jpgwhite pumpkin with white cabbage in a bushel basket

flame-willow.jpgflame willow

fall window boxa mix of fall materials

Oct 11 2013 (17)striped pumpkins and squash on grapevine

Oct 11a 021fall pots with big pumpkins and gourds

Oct 14 2011 023burdock seed heads, bleached plastic grass and peacock kale

October 19a 2013 (10)Rob’s grow-sphere with yellow pumpkins and pansies

fall-container.jpgrosemary and alyssum

variegated-basil.jpgpair of fall pots with variegated basil

planters-for-fall.jpgfall containers

fall-container-with-broomcorn.jpgfall container with broom corn, black eucalyptus, and ornamental kale

pumpkins and gourds 2013 (15)The fall season provides an embarrassment of riches in materials great for fall containers. In a pinch, faux materials can provide just what a container needs in form or color. That material may be fake, but I am a real person putting the whole thing together.  As for you-plant for fall in a way that expresses your take on the season.  I try to exercise a little good sense.  If I put the stems of weeds in containers, I try to put every last seed in the trash, first.  Dry thistle stems are gorgeous in fall pots, but those seeds will spread a terrible weed that is tough to eradicate. That said, I use the intact seed pods of butterfly weed everywhere I can, in hopes it will seed with abandon. If weed seeds must be part of the display, I will encase them on the stem with floral sealer.  I wait until the weather gets good and cool to pile pumpkins and gourds in pots.  Set in place too early in the fall, they will rot.  Outside of that, I’ll stuff pots with anything that looks good.  It makes no sense to exercise restraint at the time of the harvest, does it?



  1. Your work is gorgeous and inspiring. Thank you!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Carlin, many thanks. Every landscape professional and gardener that creates something beautiful inspires me. Best, Deborah

  2. Deborah, your pots r amazing! I love the summer cause you use my product but the fall and Christmas, inspire me so much! I wish one day, I have your eye of inspiration. I really do, u r amazing at what u do! I hope u know that:)

    • Deborah Silver says

      Krystal, you and your family grow incredible plants-I could not begin to work without what you grow. You are an inspired grower and an inspired floral designer. You have a great eye, my friend, all your own! You will go places-of this I am sure. all the best, Deborah

  3. Donna Perdue says

    All of them are beautiful!!!!

  4. The flame willow is spectacular! What is the scientific name? I cannot wait to add this beauty to my landscape.

  5. such brilliance in composition and photography

  6. I am amazed with your divine and inspiring designs and containers that you use for displays.

  7. So hard to pick my favorite Deborah, but I think Rob’s Grow-Sphere is awesome! Simple with an architectural twist stealing the show for me! Did I read that correctly, “plastic grass?”

    • Deborah Silver says

      Mike, you did indeed. Plastic grass! The new products are not only incredibly realistic, they can be saved from year to year. Some people find them fun, others are mortified. Everyone just needs to do what suits them. Best, Deborah

  8. If fall offers a bounty of materials, we know you will offer us an equal bounty of ideas and inspiration. Every container so rich with food for thought.

  9. Deborah, your containers are always stunning and so inspiring! Glad to see you aren’t afraid of some artificial elements….Mother Nature doesn’t always give us what our eyes are longing for. Dried Annabelle hydrangeas sprayed lime green and dried goldenrod sprayed sunshine yellow look great in fall planters along with all the other wonderful array of nature’s bounty. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artistry and inspiring others to create beautiful landscapes.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Anne, like I say, it is a real person putting an arrangement together. That’s enough for me. best, Deborah

  10. Tom Baldinette says

    Deborah. So lovely and inventive, as usual. Thank you for sharing. Tom in NC.

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