At A Glance: A Busman’s Holiday

Should you be a regular reader, my apologies! I have posted every day for more than a year-but the past few days I have not had access to a computer.  I have been in Chicago for the past three days, at the Botanic Garden Antique Show, and the larger Chicago environs.  The Chicago Botanic Garden-divine.  Should I, one, ever buy a lottery ticket, and two, win-every dime would go for a botanic garden for my city.  Some nights, when I cannot sleep, I make plans for the Detroit Botanic Garden. I have my hopes-don’t you?  If you have not been to the Chicago Botanic Garden-consider a trip.  It is stunning, absorbing-amazing.  Did I say stellar?  Rob and I went all over the Chicago map, visiting plant suppliers, and dealers in garden antiques.  A busman’s holiday.  This is term, referring to those of us who take a holiday that involves a visit to an unknown sector of that life work we live every day.   

downtown, in the distance

traffic, jammed.

daffodil hill-at the gardens.  We are late for the opening. 

they have boxwood troubles too-just like me. 

Everywhere in Chicago-spring bulbs, pushing forth. Not just at the garden-neighborhoods.  restaurants.  Northwestern University. street corners.

I could not be more pleased that Chicago is in my Detroit neighborhood.  The Midwest-a good gardening place to be.  This garden-breathtaking.

Antiqueing-anything goes. 

Packing the Sprinter the end of the day Friday.

Checking out at stop number 6-this photo was taken at 8:30 pm Detroit time. OK-so dinner was late.

Every gardener could be interested in anything-given the slightest encouragement. I am no different. The Chicago trip was such great fun.

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