At A Glance: A Blanket Of Snow

pot feet













  1. cynthia woodyard says

    I’m appreciating your great pots of bundles of colorful branches/twings which do brighten up the whole winter. While hoping this cold doesn’t last too long we are happily watching a little snowdrop trying to show it’s face, In Portland, OR.

    • Deborah Silver says

      I would venture to say we have a while before the snowdrops come up. The main thing for me is that last spring never happened, giving the prolonged freeze we had in April. This will be a very special spring-2 years in the making!

  2. Ann Taylor says


    Your photos show all of us that you don’t need to buy a ticket or wait in a line to see the beauty, no matter what the season, that nature and the weather gives us every single day. Gracie, my corgi, especially likes the last photo.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Anne, this is so well put. My corgis are too fun to watch in the snow. They know so well what is going on at ground level! Deborah

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