At A Glance: 6 Weeks Later

finished landscape renovation
On June 1, my landscape superintendent Dan and I walked through a project we had been working on since mid April, and decided we were done.  A whole lot of work got done in those 6 weeks. To follow are pictures of how that project looked this morning, 6 weeks later.  And following this, the story of that renovation.

July 5 2015 (26)from the street

the landscape in July (11)renovated front landscape

the landscape in July (12)the front porch

the landscape in July (13)the entry to the rear yard

the landscape in July (14)rear yard landscape

the landscape in July (9)seat wall and stairs- the feature of the mid ground space

2 tiered gardenhydrangea garden

the landscape in July (5)rock wall garden detail

the landscape in July (2)Annabelle and Limelight hydrangeas planted in a curved block

the landscape in July (3)the view back to the house

the landscape in July (10)new terrace

the landscape in July (6)the terrace landscape

the landscape in July (7)terrace landscape

the landscape in July (15)the birch in tall grass

the landscape in July (4)birch in tall grass


  1. Alison Wilson says

    Dear Deborah:

    Wonderful project where the landscaping compliments the home in a beautiful way. After 6 weeks the growth and developement is impressive, the rainy month helps alot.

    Tell me about the birches and the long grass. Which betula did you choose and how is the long grass acheived and maintained? It looks like it would be good for wildlife as well.

    I thank-you in advance for your consideration,

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Alison, I planted the Himalayan white barked birch-Betulus Jacquemontii. It is susceptible to birch borer, and will need watching. I think it is worth the trouble. Right now, we are letting the lawn grass grow, and will mow it every 4-6 weeks. Just so my clients can see if they like the meadow-like look. best, Deborah

  2. I love seeing these updates once the plantings are beginning to establish. It gives a wonderful glimpse into the future as they mature.

  3. Deborah,
    I always learn something from each one of your posts. It’s so fun to see your creativity and how you proceed. Thanks for sharing your projects with us! Also wanted to say how much I enjoyed visiting your shop the other week. Meeting you,Sunny, and your pup was a real treat! I am so pleased with the items I purchased — the wire basket and the shiny silver cubes on a stake. They look great in my garden.
    All the best, Judy

  4. Your home and gardens are so beautiful! I would definitely be overwhelmed without assistance! It’s perfect.

  5. Lynn Fiorentino says

    Absolutely Stunning!!! Best, Lynn

  6. So elegant and restrained. Gorgeous.
    This season, our weather makes grass the real prize winner.
    Ours is the summer that grass dreams about when it goes to sleep…so far, at least.

  7. I somehow missed this post, I just read the one about the process and was hoping for more pics on the progress. It is so stunning, such a place and now with the garden to match. The picture of the house from the back, I cannot beleive the difference, and it is not a total makeover, just a very good eye and some big impacts. I love your writing, and the way you present projects. Such a joy to read, I think you are my very favourite garden blogger.

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