At A Glance: 16 Inches

January-6-2014.jpgThe biggest snowstorm that I recall was in December of 1974.  I was 24, and living in Ann Arbor.  Some 20 inches fell December 1 and 2. Just like any other 24 year old, I was determined that no weather event would put a crimp in my plans.  I still remember that drive on I-94 towards home that took 7 hours instead of an hour. Once I got home, I stayed put for a week.  The 16 inches we have on the ground now is not nearly so daunting, nor am I so foolish.  Nature is nothing to fool with.  That said, I appreciate how unusual and beautiful this snowfall is.

snow-day.jpgThough my Suburban has 100,000 miles on it, it navigated the snow clogged streets in my neighborhood without a problem. I drove around lots of other people in less fortunate circumstances.

snow-pile.jpgThe shop has plenty of snow piles 6 feet tall and better.

snow-day.jpgsnow day

green-velvet-boxwood.jpgboxwood hatted with snow

deep-snow.jpgsnow piled high

January-garden.jpgEnglish cast iron fountain

winter-window.jpga snowy window to the world


winter-garden.jpga Michigan winter-we are having a doozy.


  1. I feel a little guilty wishing we had that snow in middle Tennessee. It is lovely. The snow causes a kind of quiet peace in the garden. Thank you

  2. YOu inspired me today to stay home and cook! After seeing what your day is like and my day was cold and dark too but not like yours…….I’m in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA…..therefore, no snow!By 10 am I had a stew made for tomorrow night…… 2:00 I had beef stroganoff done!Was going to do short ribs but decided that was enough for one day!In between the chopping and cooking I would pop outside thinking how can I improve that POT!I am determined to do CHRISTMAS POTS like yours next year! May I Please copy you…….

  3. We have the same beauty here in Holland, Michigan……just add another foot or two of snow to your pictures. The snow day vacation that our three grandchildren are having give us special time to create memories as they come to our house while mom and dad go to work. Setting the table for a Tea Party, baking muffins, playing games and reading books fill the hours. The snow is a mixed blessing. Stay warm and thanks for sharing the view from your window….

  4. Deborah great trip to D.G.W.!!!! The snow is calming as you get older…seems like a good reason to work indoors on that project you have been putting off all spring, summer and fall. I will start my garden planning this week, think about new trees…Looking at the garden in winter lets me look at the bones, then I can build from there….

  5. After looking through all your photos, I guess I have no reason to complain here in NY.

    Stay warm, spring is not far behind.

    all the best for 2014,

  6. Enjoy reading your blog thank you. The temps here in swanton ohio have been -13 Tuesday jan 7 all day I hope my new yellow groove bamboo planted last may makes it. Also I have noticed that snow covered cast iron fountain it must be ok to leave uncovered?? I cover my fountain but maybe I don’t have to please comment.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Kal, we empty the fountain completely in the fall. If water were to collect in one of the bowls, and freeze, the ice would be able to expand (harmlessly) upward, as the bowls are vase shaped. If water has no where to go when it freezes, it will crack anything-including cast iron. Deborah

  7. Amazed with the pictures posted on your blog. The weather looks to chilly for me but it’s beautiful!

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