2016 Garden Cruise Today

2016 garden cruise today (11)Our 2016 Garden Cruise is today from 9-4:30.  The weather looks like it will be perfect.  Partly cloudy, and 84.  A last minute decision to take the tour is easy to arrange.  Call Detroit Garden Works at 248  335  8089.  We can take your credit card info, and email you the ticket and map.  Just like that.

2016 garden cruise today (12)This is the one day of the gardening year that I stay home.  I enjoy talking with everyone who takes our tour. Hope to see you today!


  1. So hope you post pics for those of us who live out of state.

  2. Second that previous comment!

  3. Thirding that comment! Your photos are such a great way to start Sunday!

  4. Libby Maricelli says

    So looking forward to making this tour a destination must (from NOLA) next year! It will make for sweet anticipation!!

  5. Janelle Eathorne says

    How lucky do I feel to have stumbled upon your site while researching hydrangeas. I think I have spent a few hours looking around already. I can’t wait to take my mom to your store! I too live in Michigan! Specifically, Milford area. I wish I would have known about your tour because we would have loved to attend. Next year!

    I plan on adding more hydrangea hedges to my home and was curious how you think a limelight hedge would do by the woods that surround our backyard. The hedge would go against the woods and face our backyard to the North, West and South. We have deer a plenty so I am used to spraying my hydrangeas and hostas with liquid fence. What do you think?

  6. Dear Deborah,

    it was my first garden cruise yesterday with two neighbors. We did not get to Grosse Ile or Christ Church; however, we very much enjoyed looking into your shop and garden as well as into the gardens of your friends and clients.

    We took pictures in straw hats in front of the Detroit Garden Work’s parterre with its hot color beds. And we also had a delightful lunch at Ellen’s Bakery. We did drop your name and Ellen did say she had heard you speaking something about a garden tour. Unfortunately a Buick bruised a whale-tail Porsche while we were there, but we were in such high spirits we continued on our merry way and left the brunch guests to their negotiations.

    We finished our tour with the round pool, spa and that sublime mosaic table that looked like an additional pool. Every garden we saw was a delight of its own and I came back to my own to pick up the twigs that the hot winds had blown down and look at the weeds in my gravel driveway and water the pots that had thoroughly dried out. And once again I saw how much work everyone had put into the spaces that you presented.

    You and your volunteers deserve much thanks!


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