Related Works

Deborah Silver and Co.

This section represents a few of the projects we have done that came from the inspiration provided by the landscape. Paper lanterns with votive candles in the Triton Pools at Cranbrook Art Academy for a fund-raiser, a floor painting over concrete of an English daisy lawn, a contemporary plastic grass sculpture, cut flowers for events, Halloween decor, sculpture from natural materials, glass and black eucalyptus sculptures for a movie set, and small watercolor paintings of auricula primrose framed with quilled paper represent some examples of how the way of the garden is a way of life for us.

That said, our most serious mission as a business is to foster the idea of environmental stewardship—a mission The Greening of Detroit has embraced since its inception. Since 2008, we have sponsored The Garden Cruise, a tour of landscapes and gardens designed by or influenced by Detroit Garden Works, and Deborah Silver and Co. Proceeds from the sale of tickets to this event has to date raised over $156,000 in support of The Greening of Detroit, and their programs.