Pool And Pool House Landscape

Deborah Silver and Co.

These clients were interested in transforming a large grassy space behind their house into a landscape that would frame a pool, pool house, and fire pit, all of which would be friendly to entertaining friends and family. The pool was located precisely on axis with a pair of large existing maple trees that frame the main view out from the house to the pool and spa. A pool house with doors at either end would be an intermediary between the pool, and the fire pit gathering area. Good landscape design addresses the issue of flow. How do people move through the landscape? Designing for a few that applies equally to a group asks for a good deal of thought. An initial visit revealed that the rear yard sloped dramatically towards the house. A substantial stone retaining wall about four feet in height installed in conjunction with the pool enabled a flat space that would accommodate their needs. The landscape design is simple, but it respects my clients love of flowers. We planned every view to have masses of flowering plants. All of those flowers soften the hard structures, and speak to summer.