Detroit Revisited

Deborah Silver and Co.

This beautiful home is located in an old neighborhood in the city of Detroit. In a considerable state of disrepair, it took a very special client duo to take on the task of restoring and bringing every aspect of the house up to date. What remained of the landscape had not been tended to for many years. It was difficult to spot the original gravel driveway, as it was smothered in weeds. The landscape was completely redone, but for a stand of old pines in the rear side yard. The formal front yard features a gravel drive court and a pair of large katsura trees. The rear yard features a spacious terrace that can be accessed both from the kitchen and the screened side porch. A circular swimming pool, and a pergola from the Branch Studio provides plenty of space to entertain family and friends. A substantial shade garden and an area devoted to growing vegetables and herbs soften the hard surfaces and structures.