Birch And Boxwood

Deborah Silver and Co.

A client who built a truly extraordinary house was in need of a landscape.  Given the complexity and fine detail of every aspect of the architecture, it was clear that the landscape should be simple. Three multi-trunked river birch asymmetrically placed at either end serve as anchors to a ground cover planting of boxwood. That boxwood has grown considerably over the past eleven years. Its volume and height is now appropriately scaled to the house. The opposite side of the drive is dominated by a very old and statuesque gingko. That tree in large part determined the location of the house. The rear yard slopes dramatically to the edge of a lake.  It is informally planted with perennials and shrub roses.  The pool deck landscape consists of a pair of tschonoskii crabapple espaliers separated by a trio of formally pruned blocks of boxwood. A collection of pots are sprinkled throughout the property, and are planted in all the seasons.