A Private Garden

Deborah Silver and Co.

A landscape and garden design client that asks for privacy can be accommodated in a number of ways. Landscape plantings that are layered, dense, and deep can create quiet, and private, places to be. A landscape that screens untoward views was designed to be gracious, and effective. A faux bois arbor, hand sculpted in concrete and mortar over a steel and steel mesh armature, was designed and built especially for this project. The landscape envelopes the property in a warm wrap. A collection of many specimen evergreens set that stage. Blocks of hydrangeas, accompanied by boltonia and northern sea oats, bloom profusely at the height of the summer. An antique English fountain and surround is set in its entirety in a simply styled Valders stone pool surround. The trees and shrubs provide structure to a number of perennial gardens, as flowering plants are a client favorite.