Travel is a well known noun that people recognize.  Travel take us to new places, new experiences.  Travel enables us to reconnect, visit friends and colleagues.  Travelling is a verb that suggests what it means to go away from home, and rethink.  When I want to move away from all that is familiar to me, I travel.  I never travel during the gardening season-only in the winter.  Winter travel can be dicey-witness this view from my hotel parking lot last week.  I never travel in search of leisure.  For that, I stay home.  I travel to meet new people, see new things, be exposed to new things. I travel to be challenged; the rain and fog we had all week was certainly happy to oblige in that department.  Like it or not, successful shopping demands travel.  An image of a bench is not the same as seeing that bench, and trying it out- in person.    

That I travel in winter is a big part of why I drive a Chevy Suburban.  It is a very heavy vehicle.  The seats are incredibly comfortable.  The tires are glued to the road.  I have first class windshield wipers.  Some of what I have a mind to buy fits in the back.   When I am driving in challenging and gloomy winter weather, my Suburban shines.       

My digs on the road are not so fancy.  But invariably they are sincere.  This Hampton Inn was set into an impossibly steep hillside-the fences were many.  Where do I travel? That is not the important part. I am sure that I could travel anywhere and find beautiful and interesting things.  Rob is a veteran traveller.  His trips abroad are very carefully researched and planned.  As a result, his collection of French garden ornament for our spring season will be as visually coherent as it is beautiful.  This winter shopping with him is a rigorous experience, tempered by his unfailing enthusiasm and energy.  Drive for hours, walk for hours, look for hours-and talk about it.  Did we shop?  For sure.

The Appalachian mountains run northeast to southwest-I zig zagged around their peaks, drinking in a big dose of Americana.  We are just as interested in American made as any other made.  But shopping the USA takes lots of time and committment.  Ours is a very large country. Sooner or later something good comes of the travel.      

This landscape of many different species of deciduous shrubs and evergreens was punctuated with vintage farm implements set in detailed pressure treated lumber frames. What do I make of it?  I am interested in all sorts of expression-one never knows what will strike a cord, or a train of thought.     

 Nothing to see here?  On the contrary, there is everything to see everywhere.  I spend lots of time designing.  Given that, I find something fabulous about real places. 



  1. Janet Grant says

    I absolutely love reading your blog, Deborah. You write beautifully and are always interesting! Keep writing- can’t wait to see brown. Janet

  2. Janet’s right—you do write beautifully. Very evocative, with mood-appropriate photos to match.

    I hailed from the Appalachians before I moved south to Florida, and I long deeply for those forested hills, old worn-down mountains and lazy byways. Thanks for making me think of home.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Lucy, those old worn down Appalachian mountains in the fog were incredibly beautiful. Anyone with a true love of nature could think of that place as home-this includes me. Deborah

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